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So you want to help us with Orxonox? We're glad to hear that and this page should help you find your way into the project. Our goal is to feed you with as much information as possible so you can figure out yourself what you may be best suited to. Nonetheless it's a must to contact the Orxonox-Team about your motivation.


There is always a lot to do. Some of the open tasks are available in our ticketing system. Check them out and click on them to get a more specific description of what they hold. Please ensure that there is still nobody working on it, since you cannot take over a work from somebody else.

Of course we're open for any ideas which are not listed as ticket. In this case you may create an own ticket and start working on it after you contacted us.


Well, we're not exactly hiring people, but we're always glad when somebody from outside of the practical wants to work on Orxonox. At the moment we search for…

  • Designers for any kind of sci-fi stuff. All designs from huge space cruiser to nifty knife. Unfortunately we cannot provide you with design rules, yet. Why not talk about this with us?
  • Modelers for human models. We always search for people providing us with new models especially with models we can use for characters in the game. You should have some experience in this topic though.
  • Modelers for space ships in general. Any flying saucer, huge or small, designed after your or somebody else's design is welcome.
  • Modelers and designers for environment. Height maps, space boxes, textures, BSP-models and similar.
  • Advanced Coders. Orxonox will become a multi threaded game to be played over the internet so there are a lot of things to figure out to make the game a success (meaning fun).

What you shouldn't lack when working with us:

  • Independence - When not studying at the ETH or even living in Switzerland our possibilities to support you with your task is limited. In this case we expect some degree of autonomy. Still we provide you with tools to get help. Make use of dev mailing list, the forum, code peer reviews and IRC channel to discuss your progress and problems.
  • Teamwork - You should be able to work with others and to respect their wishes, views and work. All the people wanting to rip the project apart for its greater good may click away now.
  • Fun - the game and its development is here to produce fun. We expect that you have fun working on a task and that you finish it, please ;-).
  • Open Source - Last but not least you should be able to define yourself with the open source philosophy, at least a bit. Your work will be released under CC or GPL license.

If this still leaves you with questions, contact us, using the link above.