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Blender Hotkey Reference

A collection of the most important hotkeys. If you don't find what you're looking for, why don't you check out the complete Blender Hotkey Reference

Universal Hotkeys

rotate view			2/4/6/8 (on numpad)		rotate				R
jump to side/front/top view	1/3/7 (on numpad)		move				G
switch perspective		5				scale				S
zoom in/out			+/-				delete				X
center view on scene		Home				snap				Shift + S
center view on selection	Num				render scene			F12
drawing style			D				save image			F3

Hotkeys in Object Mode

switch to Edit mode		TAB				join objects			Ctrl + J
boolean tools			W				undo				Ctrl + Z
add object			Space -> add -> ...		redo				Ctrl + Y

Hotkeys in Edit Mode

extrude				E				main menu			Space
subdivide			W -> Subdivide			specials menu			W
merge				W -> Merge			border select			B
smooth				W -> Set Smooth			select/deselect all		A
solid				W -> Set Solid			recalculate normals		Ctrl + N
expand selection		Ctrl + + (on numpad)		fill hole			Shift + F
contract selection		Ctrl + - (on numpad)		edge properties			Ctrl + E
quads to triangles		Ctrl + T			triangles to quads		Alt + J	
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