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Moonstation (Hangar)


Fabian 'x3n' Landau


I will build the hangar of the Moonstation, where the player has to make his way through abandoned rooms, broken bridges and destroyed halls to find a ship wherewith he has to escape from the station. The first part of the Station is built by Michi von Känel, the two parts are linked with a door in a corridor in the underground.

Sketches and Ideas

The player enters the hangar at 1. He goes through the room to an elevator 2, but it is destroyed and can't be used any more (there's even a hole in the roof). So the player takes the stairs 3 right beside the elevator which leads him over room 1, where he finds several pipes an machines (you can't see this room in the sketch, 3'). There's a small port, leading into the elevator shaft, where he finds the fire escape 4.

He goes upstairs and finally, after some troubles (4'), enters the lobby 5. There are several holes, caused by some heavy missiles. In front of him, the player sees a big cave, crossed by several bridges and a big energy-pillar 7 in the middle, which comes from the meteor that made the crater wherein the hangar is. The player makes his way over the partly destroyed bridges 6. On the other side of the cave, the player enters something looking like an atomic bunker.

Inside (8), the player finally finds the hangar, but the problems aren't over yet. There are some really big holes in the floor and a destroyed pillar lying in front of him, so the player has to go through a door, where he finds a stair 9. He goes upstairs and finds another door, which leads him back into the hangar. Over a bridge 10 he comes to a platform, where he enters the ship 11 and escapes the station through an opening in the roof.

But there is also another way. In the lobby 5, the player can go around the elevator shaft instead of going over the bridge. There he can go into one of the missile-holes in the floor, where he finds a small path on the side of the cave, which leads him to an entrance in the wall (12). There's a stair, leading upstairs to a small balcony and a door, where the player enters the hangar. He goes over several bridges, a stair and some more bridges, and finally enters a room 13, which looks like some hightech laboratory. There he finds the prototype of a ship, wherewith he escapes the station.

The second way is harder to find and harder to master, but the player will have some advantages, because the second ship is much better.










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