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Moon Station



Date Title Description Progress
Do, 19. April Ideas, Paintings What the station will look like
Do, 10. Mai BSP finished Build the station in GTK-Radiant
Do, 24. Mai Scripting All the nice little stuff you can't do in Radiant
Do, 07. Jun Final Bugfix/testing/…

Concept Arts


First room… I played around with semitransparent textures and curved surfaces. If I look at the bsp build time I'm really glad I've a new cpu (radiant 1.5 fully supports multiple cores). Even though I think a final map will compile about 5mins at least… :(

The crews sleeping room. You have to take this way cause the main stairs are broken. (A trigger will tell you so :) )

An idea of the bridge.

The main hall; from here the player works his way trough the corridors in order to get on the top of the station.

The station from the outside with the moonsurface.

The spaceship crashes into the moonstation during the intro sequence. Actually this are some hundret explosions triggered short after one another.

The underground level. The player has to take this route cause, the normal way to the hangar is broken. By entering the elevetor, the next level will be loaded.

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