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Tanis Class Heavy Cruiser

The HeavyCruiser is a large Tanis Class spaceship in Orxonox.

It's model is made of multiple parts, allowing it to be implemented as a BigShip.

Latest textured model: HSC (Heavy Space Cruiser) 068 "Tanis"

Older images:

Fictive Facts and Figures

Crew Complement: 650
autonomy: 5 Year
refit cycles: minor refits: every 2 years, mayor refits: every 12 years

6 Mid Range Partcle Disruptor Turrets
24 Long Range 'Black Sun' Torpedo Lunchers (12 on port, 12 on starport side)
20 Point Defense Plasma Interceptors
7 Low Power Ion Cannons

4 feet of Endurium reinforced Ceramic Plating on primary systems
2.5 feet of reinforced Titatium Plating on secondary systems

Powersystems: state of the art multi core reactor



Developer's notes

topside needs some improvement - well, the entire main body does
Added some turrets - the same that were used on the frigate, but I not happy with them, they need rework

and where the idea comes from… these are huge!'''

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