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Saturn is the sixth planet in our solar system. It's the second largest planet and a gas planet just like Jupiter. It is surrounded by a big ring of ice and stones, giving it its distinctive characteristics.

Corporate Interests

With Saturn being a gas planet it could be used by the gas mining companies. But because the transport is quite expensive due to the longer distance back to Earth and Jupiter has abundant resources, Saturn is pretty much without any value to corporations.

Scientific Interests

Saturn is interesting for scientists so they travel there on occasion. Because of lacking infrastructure they have to plan large, expensive expeditions in order for them to succeed.

Story Relevance

When the Noxons start their full blown attack on planet Earth and the Mars colonies, the Asheroc will set up a huge space gate that orbits Saturn. The space gate opens up a wormhole, folding space upon itself and make instant travel to other stars possible. The gate is built upon an anomaly that occurs a couple of months before the Noxon attack on Earth. The anomaly was detected by sensors on Europa and a expedition was planned to study it further.

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