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A list of our external libraries and what we're using them for.

Library Source Versions Reason
Ogre external 1.6 - 1.8 The graphics library
Boost external 1.40 - A compilation of useful sub-libraries, classes, functions and headers
Bullet SVN (*) Modern physics library written in C++
CEGUI external 0.6 - 0.7 A GUI (graphical user interface) library with lua scripting interface
OIS SVN (*) Input system (mouse, keyboard, joystick, gamepad, …)
Lua external 5.1 A scripting language which is used in our XML level? files (more?)
Tcl external 8.4 - 8.5 A command language for our Shell? and other scripts (here and here?)
TinyXML SVN (*) To parse XML files in the Loader?
TinyXML++ SVN (*) A more cpp-like interface to TinyXML
Tolua SVN (*) Binds our C++ functions with Lua
Tolua++ SVN (*) Extension of tolua for C++ constructs (like templates and std::string)
C++/Tcl SVN (*) Helps using Tcl in C++
ENet SVN (*) A Network library to send and receive packets
Zlib external (**) A standard compression library used in network library
Ogg/Vorbis external (**) Audio container and codec
OpenAL/ALUT external (**) 3D sound in games
gtest/gmock SVN (*) For unit tests and mocks

(*) These libraries are included in our own source repository because they are either poorly available or we were forced to make changes. You can therefore NOT use your own version.

(**) Any current version should work

Note: On Windows, we supply precompiled binary packages that are built to work with Orxonox. You do not need to install any libraries except for OpenAL and DirectX. See the download page for further instructions.

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