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About Orxonox

  • Development Status: Alpha
  • Environment: X11, OpenGL, OpenAL, SDL, QT
  • Intended Audience: Gamers
  • Licence: GNU General Public Licence (GPL)
  • Natural Language: English
  • Operating System: Linux (primary), Windows (sec), MacOS X
  • Programming Language: C++ OOP

The Story

The year is 2102. The universe is still expanding, stars and galaxies adorn the skies of the planets all over the universe. Supernovas send their exploding flashes through the infinite wideness. Black holes suck in beams of light and the sun of the solar system is still shining down on Earth and Mars. But it's not like nothing has changed. read more?

The Engine

Even though this is not usual anymore today, we started this project by programming our own game engine. We did this because we wanted to understand how games work. After a first working version of Orxonox we changed route and switched to DEVELOPMENTSYSTEM to enable Orxonox to thrive from the knowledge of a big open source development community.

You can read more about the engine features here?.


Orxonox is an open source project that started in February 2004. At the moment we are about 15 active developers mainly from the ETH Zurich and other Swiss universities. Our goal is to create a funny and exciting 3D action game. In fact Orxonox shall become the most furious 3D action game the open source game community has ever seen!


Orxonox is also a part of the optional bachelor course program at the ETHZ ITET departement in form of a PPS: Every semester new students learn how to work on Orxonox using open source tools. Here you can see the cource program of the last semesters.


You can contact us in many different ways, here is a short list

Orxonox General Email email
Orxonox Forum link
IRC: channel #orxonox join
Announce Maillinglist: orxonox-announce@… subscribe
Development Mailinglist: orxonox-dev@… subscribe
Commit Mailinglist: orxonox-commit@… subscribe


Coder: Patrick Boenzli

Core framework, OpenGL, C++ hardend, collision detection, event handling, OpenGL, network designer, bsp-mapper, bad modler, webpage, organizer, inventor, beer drinker, griller, SegaMegadrive gamer. Email:

Coder: Benjamin Grauer

GTK, Graphical User Interface, sound engine guru, webpage, OpenGL developer, Vodka, grill master, overchiller, studies abuser, modler, lucas arts adventure gamer Homepage: Email:

Coder/Modler: Benjamin Knecht

Playability developer, controls designer, story, universe writer and modler Email:

Coder: Andy Maechler

Weather engine wizard and linux fan.

Coder: Christoph Renner

Network Master and command line arguments implementer

Coder: Claudio Botta

BSP and height map implementer.

Coder: David Hasenfratz

Animated texture implementer, weather god and party man

Coder: Stefan Lienhard

Animated texture implementer, water shader genious, party man and 42M runner

Coder: Silvan Nellen

Playability developer and LUA script genious. Our guitar man.

Occasional Developers

Coder: Christian Meyer "Konfuzzyus"

Win32 compiler, bandwidth abuser, C/C++ monster, peon and code criticiser. Email:

Coder: David Gruetter

OpenGL freak, skysphere maker Email:

Coder: Simon Hofmann

English corrector, story writer, comments on everything, gamer. Email:

Coder: Johannes Bader

OpenGL, algorithms, Showroom framework, coolermaster, Orxonox::Psychologist. It's long time ago since…

Coder: Adrian Buerli

C++ disenchanted assembler-coder, OOP design, int preference() { return MartiniBianco };

Coder: Nico Bernold

Bends the bits on OSX, graphics and responsible for the new style of the webpage. lounge lizard.

More noble Spirits


Amir Guindehi

Thank you for being like a father to us and for giving us svn and mailinglist access. And thanks for all the administrative work you did. A true hero of the open source community… Homepage:


The VSETH is supporting our educational work by giving us some space on their web-server. Homepage:

Sound and Arts

Pascal Graf

He designed the poster of our sixth convention in summer 2007 and helped us redesign our page. Thanks a lot for your great work. Just look at the website and you know what we mean.

Lukas Grauer

The first three songs are from Luke Grey, and they really revive all the feelings you had while playing a real arcade game. Listen to them, and you will know what I mean.

Alex Schenker

He is a technoid musician from America, and as such he may also be an (charenglish*) Orxonox::Translator(German);. For sure he will be one of the main testers of the whole Project.

Thierry Zaugg

He has enriched Orxonox by contributing many songs, many pictures and many models! We really appreciate this work and are thankful, that he is interessted in the progress of Orxonox! Homepage:

Aaron von Schroeder

The drum and bass artists from Pfäffikon named Task Horizon will hopefully contribute their track soon. Anyways, they are more than worth to be mentioned here, for their really heavy sound. Homepage:

Daniel Grauer

From the project Frontline Soldiers a mod for FarCry we got many very good low-poly meshes of trees, vegetation and a lot more… Thanks a lot.