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Wiki Icons

More than 3.300 icons are available using the following wiki markup:

(|name, size|)

This shows a named icon that can be in line with text, where

  • name is the name of the icon.
  • size is optionally one of small, medium or large or an abbreviation thereof (defaults small).


Wiki markup Display
(|trac|) and (|subversion|) is like (|yin-yang|)
trac and subversion is like yin-yang
(|trac|) (|trac, medium|) (|trac, large|)
trac trac trac
(|clock|) (|calendar|) (|chart|) (|eye|) (|tick|)
clock calendar chart eye tick

When name contains a pattern character (* or ?), a 2-column preview of matching icons is presented, which should mainly be used for finding and selecting an icon during wiki page editing in side-by-side mode. (The number of displayed icons is limited to prevent exhaustive network traffic. Use ShowIcons for static presentation of available icons.)

Example of the 2-column search preview:


Showing 32 of 122 small icons matching arrow*

arrow arrowarrow-in arrow-in
arrow-000-medium arrow-000-mediumarrow-in-out arrow-in-out
arrow-045 arrow-045arrow-join arrow-join
arrow-090 arrow-090arrow-join-090 arrow-join-090
arrow-135 arrow-135arrow-merge arrow-merge
arrow-135-medium arrow-135-mediumarrow-move arrow-move
arrow-180 arrow-180arrow-out arrow-out
arrow-225 arrow-225arrow-repeat arrow-repeat
arrow-225-medium arrow-225-mediumarrow-resize arrow-resize
arrow-270 arrow-270arrow-return arrow-return
arrow-315 arrow-315arrow-skip arrow-skip
arrow-315-medium arrow-315-mediumarrow-split arrow-split
arrow-branch arrow-brancharrow-switch arrow-switch
arrow-branch-000-left arrow-branch-000-leftarrow-transition arrow-transition
arrow-circle arrow-circlearrow-transition-090 arrow-transition-090
arrow-curve arrow-curvearrow-turn arrow-turn

Narrow down your search until you find the wanted icon.

The Icon macro is equivalent to this wiki markup.


Following character sequences are defined as smileys and are automatically displayed as icons:

(!) (!)8-) 8-):-P :-P :P
(*) (*)8-O 8-O B-O:-X :-X :X
(./) (./):( :( :-(:-o :-o :o
(?) (?):) :) :-) =):-| :-| :|
(I) (I):)) :)) :-));) ;) ;-)
(N) (N) (NOK):-? :-? :?>:> >:>
(OK) (OK) (Y):-D :-D :DB-) B-)
(X) (X):-O :-O :O 


Wiki markup Display
This is a great feature :-)
This is a great feature :-)

Prefixing a smiley character sequence with an exclamation mark (!) prevents it from being interpreted as a smiley.

The list above was generated by the ShowSmileys macro. See also TracIni, for configuration of smileys.

ShowIcons macro

Use the ShowIcons macro to display a list of available icons. (The number of displayed icons is limited to prevent exhaustive network traffic.)


[[ShowIcons(cols, name-pattern, size, header, limit)]]


  • cols is optionally the number of columns in the table (defaults 3).
  • name-pattern selects which icons to list (use * and ?).
  • size is optionally one of small, medium or large or an abbreviation thereof (defaults small).
  • header is optionally one of header and noheader or an abbreviation thereof (header is displayed by default)
  • limit specifies an optional upper limit of number of displayed icons.

The last three optional parameters (size, header and limit) can be stated in any order.


[[ShowIcons(smile*)]]              # all small icons matching smile*
[[ShowIcons(4, smile*)]]           # four columns
[[ShowIcons(smile*, 10)]]          # limit to 10 icons
[[ShowIcons(smile*, 10, nohead)]]  # no header
[[ShowIcons(smile*, m)]]           # medium-size

Another example:

[[ShowIcons(*, 26)]]

Showing 26 of 3474 small icons matching *

abacus abacusjar jarsafe safe
baggage-cart baggage-cartkey keytable table
cactus cactuslanguage languageui-accordion ui-accordion
dashboard dashboardmac-os mac-osvalidation validation
ear earna nawall wall
feed feedoccluder occluderxfn xfn
game gamepaint-brush paint-brushyin-yang yin-yang
haiku haikuquestion questionzodiac zodiac
ice iceradar radar 

Icon Library License Terms

The icon library contained herein is composed of the Fugue icon library with additional icons,
and can be used for any commercial or personal projects, but you may not lease, license or sublicense the icons.

The Fugue icon library is released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.
Some icons are Copyright © Yusuke Kamiyamane. All rights reserved.

Additional icons are released under same license terms as Trac.
Some icons are Copyright © Edgewall Software. All rights reserved.

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