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Apr 28, 2016:

4:09 PM Changeset [11179] by plehmann
added the stringOutTask for scriptcontroller
4:08 PM Changeset [11178] by plehmann
scriptcontroller task system doesnt work. it seems like queue is the …
4:04 PM Changeset [11177] by tgidron
New Pickups (speed); Level Counter and Crate spawn (not working)
3:45 PM Changeset [11176] by fvultier
Added a debug console command that allows visualization of the weaponSlots.
3:09 PM Changeset [11175] by sagerj
overwritten many fire functions now only need to implement timer/charges

Apr 21, 2016:

4:47 PM Changeset [11174] by sagerj
everything beneath weaponmode changed to push/release - wm modified …
4:05 PM Changeset [11173] by binderm
Campaignmenu improved, it's now possible to only show single levels …
4:02 PM Changeset [11172] by plehmann
updated some files so NewScriptController lua binds are created. added …
3:37 PM Changeset [11171] by tgidron
Pickups work; Lives Counter and Total Flag Counter
3:33 PM Changeset [11170] by sagerj
running backup

Apr 17, 2016:

8:40 PM Changeset [11169] by fvultier
Fixed errors with pickups.

Apr 14, 2016:

4:05 PM Changeset [11168] by tgidron
Pickups + Flags HUD
4:03 PM Changeset [11167] by plehmann
changed the NewScriptController and Task classes
4:02 PM Changeset [11166] by sagerj
today I got pawn'ed
1:24 PM Changeset [11165] by plehmann
added new files for newScriptController —This lines, and those below, …
1:11 PM Changeset [11164] by sagerj
added orxout() for every release lvl for debug purpose
1:00 PM Changeset [11163] by tgidron
Pickup Development
11:19 AM pps/main edited by maxima

Apr 1, 2016:

10:51 PM Ticket #436 (Virtualize build environment) closed by landauf
10:51 PM Ticket #436 (Virtualize build environment) reopened by landauf
10:50 PM Ticket #436 (Virtualize build environment) closed by landauf
fixed: Docker is up and running, see IT/Docker for documenation. …
10:20 PM Ticket #449 (Make Jenkins available under port 80/443) closed by lferran
fixed: The redirect is done following these links: …
7:38 PM Changeset [11162] by fvultier
Managed to call a C++ test function from a Lua script that gets …
4:08 PM content/LevelHowTo edited by fvultier
Link to the AI documentation added. (diff)

Mar 29, 2016:

8:37 PM Ticket #428 (Game hangs if user's ship is destroyed while guiding a rocket) created by simonmie
reproduce: 1. start match with some enemy bots and at least 1 …
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