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Feb 26, 2012:

10:36 PM Changeset [9024] by jo
I restructured the inheritance of gametypes: The base class of …
9:27 PM Changeset [9023] by jo
4:22 PM Changeset [9022] by landauf
sample tests with google test
4:10 PM Changeset [9021] by landauf
added google test and google mock to external libraries

Feb 25, 2012:

8:13 PM Changeset [9020] by landauf
sample tests with boost test
7:17 PM pps/main edited by decapitb
7:00 PM pps/TopicsHS2011 created by decapitb
6:58 PM pps/TimeTableHS2011 created by decapitb

Feb 24, 2012:

9:26 AM Ticket #386 (Create a level on a planet surface) created by smerkli
Idea: Use the available mechanisms (space race, space boundaries) to …
9:03 AM Ticket #358 (Space Boundaries) closed by smerkli
fixed: This is done and works.
8:57 AM Ticket #323 (Spaceship docking system) closed by smerkli

Feb 23, 2012:

8:52 PM Changeset [9019] by jo
Copied trunk & added files for the coding tutorial in order to update …
8:12 PM Changeset [9018] by jo
6:03 PM content/LevelHowTo edited by jo
5:38 PM content/LevelHowTo edited by jo
5:03 PM content/LevelHowTo edited by jo
some minor improvements (diff)
4:36 PM Ticket #385 (Save a game) created by jo
Think about what are the relevant states that have to be saved and how …
4:33 PM Ticket #384 (Entering a space station) created by jo
So far the only thing to do in Orxonox is fly around and shoot. But at …

Feb 20, 2012:

10:17 PM Changeset [9017] by landauf
sample tests with ctest

Feb 15, 2012:

11:51 PM Changeset [9016] by jo
Merging presentation2011 branch to trunk. Please check for possible bugs.

Feb 12, 2012:

6:24 PM Changeset [9015] by landauf
creating branch to experiment with testing frameworks
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