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Opened 10 years ago

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#416 new PPS_project

Particles don't inherit parents velocity

Reported by: zifloria Owned by: nobody
Priority: minor Milestone: Version 0.1 Codename: Arcturus
Component: Particles Version: 0.0.4
Keywords: PPS Cc:
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Particles created by the ParticleEmitter (which might be moving) do not inherit it's velocity. This can be best seen in "Orxonox Arcade" where it looks like particles are shooting towards the player, but in reality their velocity is (0,0,0). They should be moving along with the ParticleEmitter to look more realistic.

Change History (1)

comment:1 Changed 10 years ago by jo

Besides ParticleSpawners should enable to set a radius where the particles are emitted.

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