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Opened 8 years ago

#412 new defect

PCH support broken with GCC 4.8

Reported by: landauf Owned by: nobody
Priority: minor Milestone: Version 0.1 Codename: Arcturus
Component: misc Version: 0.0.4
Keywords: Cc:
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PCH (precompiled headers) don't seem to work with GCC 4.8 anymore. In r9685 I had to add an include directory because otherwise it wouldn't even compile with GCC 4.8. But if I compare compilation times with and without PCH in GCC 4.8, it actually takes a few seconds longer with PCH. In prior versions of GCC the speed-up was usually around 15%.

We should fix that soon. PCH support is defined in cmake/tools/PrecompiledHeaderFiles.cmake

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