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Opened 9 years ago

#400 new enhancement

Fix the HUD

Reported by: jo Owned by: nobody
Priority: minor Milestone: Version 0.1 Codename: Arcturus
Component: HUD Version: 0.0.4
Keywords: PPS Cc:
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Introduce a common way for all HUD elements to filter out objects that are too far away. (E.G this feature is missing in the HUDEnemyHealthBar)

Upgrade the HUDNavigation markers to select important objects depending on the context. (E.G: In a race the first priority is to show where the next RaceCheckpoints are. They should be showed despite they are more far away than your competitors.)

Improve the aim marker in HUDNavigation by adding transparency to it, if its location is directly on top of the position marker.

Make the aim marker more generic by adjusting to the projectile speed of the weapon that is currently used.

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