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This is an archived page!
This page is very old and the content is not up to date.
Not everything (if any) which is written here will be in the final game!

Check out this thread to discuss about this content.

Human Technology

The described technology is based on imagination. We try to keep the technology as realistic as possible, though.


Implants should help the human body to solve problems. They are used a lot in the military. Often an implant is a small chip or machine manipulating the brain or other organs of the human body to improve their functions. Implants are not like computer chips. They are a combination of artificial biomass, treated neurons and electronic units. They work with the oxygen from the blood, but also need a power source. There are rumors, though, that there is a new series of implants, consisting completely of biomass and does not use any power source at all. There is also no possibility to tell, if a person has one of these special implants. No one has seen one of these implants, though.
The use of implants are dangerous because they override natural mechanisms of the body and they were cases in the past when the implants malfunctioned and destroyed organs and or even killed the persons.
Implants became popular in 2057 when the biomedical engineering made a huge step forward, because of Dr. Wendous who found out a pattern of to human brain so computer chips were able to simulate and understand impulses of the brain and neurons.
Here you can find a list of possible implants and a description:

Brain Processing Unit (BPU)

The most famous implant is the BPU helping the brain to process the incoming data. Nearly every person with an implant also needs a BPU so the brain won't be over strained. The BPU is a small chip right between the spinal nerves and the brain. Most of the incoming signals won't be touched, so the BPU is only used for difficult assignments and management of other implants. Another very important function of the BPU is its ability to stop pain immediately. So even with fatal wounds, a soldier is able to move. The BPU is a form of the well known CPU from computers.

Power source

As explained earlier implants need some kind of electric power source, because the electric impulses of the human body have not enough energy. The energy for the implants comes from batteries. The batteries are situated outside of the body at a place where the replacement of the batteries is simple.

Eye implants

Implants in the eye manipulate either the optic nerve, the lens or both. Those implants improve the zoom of human eye, so the person with the implant is able to see far things a lot sharper and bigger. He also is able to see better in the dark and some implants even allow the person to see infrared which is very useful in combat. There are also experiments with cornea displays.

Hormoncontrolling implant

These implants are situated in the hypothalamus and control the releasing and production of hormones. The person with this implant can control the adrenalin in the blood so even without fear and stress it is possible that there is a high level of adrenaline in the blood to activate the muscles.


The only very technical implant. It's not even an implant but rather some kind of an inoculation. Nanotechantibodies are able to fight AIDS, cancer and help to close wounds. They even clean the arteries so the human wearing the Nanotechantibodies live longer.


Computers are of course faster and better than we know them, but the Moore's Law has been broken a long time ago and improvements are a lot smaller in 2100. All the computers are quantum computers and there are a lot of light channels in the computers and fiber optic is the fastest solution for data transfer next to antennas.


The main problem with the engines were when it was technically possible to build drives with an acceleration of more than 20 thousand g (Earth gravity). Humans would never survive a force like this (a man with 80kg would feel like he gained 1500 tons of weight) and even some materials would just break. The solution was a high frequency vibrating drive with increasing amplitude. The direction of the accelerating force changes very fast as if the spaceship is in a whirl. The forces on the human body are still very high but the human body never gets killed in space travel at least not by the accelerating force. A starting spaceships vibrates faster and faster and slowly moves forward. When the amplitude is high enough the spaceship accelerates very fast but in the inside the forces aren't that big. The engine is a hydro drive, a decelerated explosion of an H-bomb. The hydrogen, deuterium and tritium needed for the drive are harvested from Jupiter.


On Earth - and after the colonization - on Mars humans use the explosives and armories we use today. Of course there are a lot of technical improvements, but the projectiles are still the same, the most important parts of a weapon are unchanged. But when the life in space became more popular and also more dangerous the spaceships had to be equipped with something else. The problem was, that the old weapons needed oxygen, so the explosion in the gun worked. In space there is no oxygen and oxygen is a valuable gas, so the military scientists had to think for a better solution.
They came up with several prototypes. One was high frequency energy laser, which shot 100 impulses per second of pure energy. The problem was, that the spaceships didn’t have enough energy to be able to use this weapon properly.
The other prototype was a gun with projectiles like small pieces of metal, smaller than bullets which got shot out with a magnetic field. This weapon has a frequency of 70 bullets per second. These glowing bullets can seriously penetrate really thick walls of metal and they are used a lot around 2100.
The new weapons only work in space, though, but there they are a lot stronger than normal weapons. On the planets the air friction is too high, so the humans still use their old weapons in the air and on the ground.
The humans have built the E-Bomb. The good thing about this is, that the energy shields of Noxon and Asheroc ships can be destroyed temporarily or even permanently. The bomb also distracts radio communication which is used by Noxons and Humans (Asheroc have their telepathy). Humans will have to invent the EMP-rocket to successfully stand a chance against the alien's energy shields.
The humans also use rockets and torpedoes of different sizes and kinds. Some of them react on heat source of the enemies drives or they communicate with the board computer of the spaceship to find their way to the target.
Small fighters can also be equipped with tag rockets. These rockets send out a high frequency signal which allows the huge cruiser and mother ships to attack the target with their big lasers.

Silicon explosive

Porous silicon is very explosive at low temperatures when coming together with oxygen. The power of exploding silicon is a lot larger than the one of TNT and other explosives. In space, where the temperatures are very low, humans began to use silicon as fuel for engines and also for bombs.

Traveling on planets

A new technology allows to travel in underground trains deep down in the ground. The gravity down there is not that high, so these trains consume less fuel. There are limits, though, because the tunnels cannot be built through lava because of its movement. This technology is not used on mars due to the high costs to drill the tunnels. They had the money on Earth but the economy kept worsening and so no one could afford to build tunnels on Mars. On Earth in the tunnels and on Mars at the surface high speed magnetic trains are the main means of transport for middle distances. In the cities the Humans use their hydrogen cars on the highroads.
Airplanes travel nowadays at a height of 20000 kilometers where the air is thin. For large distances the plane nearly reaches the orbit.

Noxon Technology

The Noxons use nearly the same technology than the Asheroc. The weapons seem to work like these of humans and Asheroc. The engines are very strong Xenon drives so Noxons travel with near light speed. It’s not known how they manage to survive the high acceleration.
The Noxons don’t seem to know of the wormhole technology and their spaceships are partly build out of Orx which makes battles with Noxon spaceships very unpredictable. The Noxons also use energy shields to protect their spaceships.


The Noxons use the Orx-material also for bombs. Enemy spaceships which are hit by the Orx-rocket can get serious damages. The Orx-rocket has got a war head out of controlled Orx. When the rocket hits its target the Orx is freed and because of its instability it destroys the hull severely. The bad side of this weapon is that it only flies straight forward and does not change its direction until it hits.

Asheroc Technology

The Asheroc knowledge of weapons is completely unknown, but there are rumors that Asheroc are using lasers of pure energy. Their knowledge in the physics of the universe allows them to use weapons which humans are unable to produce.
The engines of the Asheroc race is slower than the one human spaceships have. They don’t need high speed because of their wormhole technology. The wormhole engine increases the probability of an space time bending and is able to control the end which is nearly traveling with light speed. Then the spaceships jumps enormous distances in a nanosecond. This technology is extremely save when the technology allows to build these kind of engines.
Asheroc spaceships are protected by an energy field.

Wormhole Laser

Big ships from the Asheroc can use their technology of wormhole traveling as a weapon. Laser guns situated next to the ship's engine increase the probability of wormhole occurrence near the target. Since it doesn't matter where the exit of the wormhole is, this weapon does not at all need this much of control than the wormhole travel needs, only this fact makes this weapon possible. The target of the wormhole laser literally tears apart and is sent to different places in the universe. Spaceships destroyed by this laser do not explode, they disappear.

Wormhole Gate

The Wormhole Gate is a ring of Wormhole laser cannons. The cannons are not connected with each other and so they are floating into the ring geometry. The ring geometry allows the Asheroc to control the Wormhole exit and the laser cannons are connected with a big main computer which fine tunes the lasers. The laser beam gets bundled in the middle and thus allows ships without Wormhole engine to travel like the Asheroc fleet.

other technology

Energy shield

Asheroc and Noxon fighters are equipped with energy fields. This field absorbs the energy impulses of the lasers and collapses so it has to be recharged all the time when something fires on it. This recharge process is not that fast so a weapon with enough power and enough frequency can make the shield collapses for a longer time and the vulnerable hull unprotected.
Energy shields are useless against the old weapons of the humans the bullets just go through. But the projectiles can hardly harm the hard hull of the alien spaceships.
Energy shields can only be used for small ships, because of the constant amount of energy they need. Huge base and mother ships cannot be covered with a large layer of a protecting energy shield.


The energy shield looks like a big bubble which glows slightly. When shot on it, the shield shines brighter where the shot hits so you can see where the projectiles impacted.
When the shield is under heavy attack the shield gets weaker and in the end collapses. During this process the glowing gets lower and in the end disappears.
The impact of a projectile on a energy shield is a deep buzzing.

The Orx

Orx is a material used by Noxons and just recently discovered by the humans. Orx can be very easy manipulated with electric impulses and can be easily formed but can also be hard as titanium. It is highly unstable when uncontrolled by electric impulses, you will find other kind of this material called "grey goo" described in other stories. Orx destroys metal of all kind and it develops intelligence when used for the same purpose for a longer period of time and is adaptable. Orx can be destroyed with high pressure and temperature. Melted Orx turns back into the metals which were consumed by the Orx beforehand.
On the black market Orx is very expensive. If the player finds Orx he can buy some cool powerups for his ship with the Orx. Careful though: Orx is illegal in the hands of civilians. Humans need Orx for hand weapons.?
Noxons on the other hand use it a lot for spaceships and buildings, but also for bombs (check out the Orx-rocket). They tried to erase the human race by bringing Orx on Earth. The spaceship which should have brought the Orx to our home planet crashed on Earth and the Orx didn’t destroy every metal on Earth, but got captured by the military of the government of USA. Now that the humans use Orx by themselves and know the consequences when Orx is not controlled, the Noxons decided to destroy the human race by brute force.
Asheroc don’t use Orx, because they hate everything related to the Noxons. When they discover that the humans also use this cursed material, they will be very disappointed.


Orx in uncontrolled or morphing state is half fluid, half hard. It's twinkling and reflecting it's surrounding while morphing into a hard state.
Hard Orx looks like stone or metal which depends on its use. Orx can nearly look like anything. Metal, stone, brick or concrete is very easy. Glass, cloth or plants are impossible to create with Orx, at least for the human race.