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This is an archived page!
This page is very old and the content is not up to date.
Not everything (if any) which is written here will be in the final game!

This is only a rough summary of the story of Orxonox.

Part 1

The main character is a woman and will live on Earth. She is a transport shuttle pilots and flies each day from ground to orbit and back several times. She is, as you see, a humble person, doing her daily job, which shows the player a lot of the future world and gives possibilities to learn how to drive a shuttle.
Then the real plot begins to start. A disturbing dream which is a tutorial for spaceships the same time, will start the real story. The destruction of the Moon and a severe attack on Earth leads the main character to the colonies on Mars. She will be fighting against pirates, all the time while in space.
Soon the alien attackers, the Noxons, will also attack the world on Mars and erase the humankind except of very few survivors fleeing in huge battleships and freighters.
The plot is thickening when the player meets this surviving party of civilian human space freighters trying to reach the outer solar system. Out there the Asheroc have built a big gate which shall help the humans to get out of there.
During the jump through the gate, it will be attacked by a huge Noxon fleet. A fierce battle between Noxon and Asheroc will start, while the human spaceships are fleeing through the gate.

This last scene will be the content of the demo. We will see a big fight between the Noxon and the Asheroc fleet (see professionals fight) and the cliffhanger end is making everyone wanting to see more.

Part 2

After the jump, the only battleship of the humans is seperated from the actual fleet. In fact the jump wasn’t only a jump through several lightyears but also a jump back in time.
Luckily the Asheroc are stationed in the unknown system, the human ship jumped to. The bad thing is, the Noxon control the system and the Asheroc can save the human battleship in a fierce fight. Together the humans and the Asheroc fight against the Noxon in the system. The humans find out about their time travel and are happy they won some time.
The Asheroc are going to teach the technicans in the battle ship how to improve the ships systems and soon the humans stand a small chance against the Noxon. The group soon manages to fight back the Noxon and the star system is theirs.
The humans are told that the freighter fleet is jumping into the system soon and that the Asheroc let the humans use the system for themselves. A new world to live in.
The Asheroc build their bases into the system anyway. They say they want to protect the human race and that the system isn’t save enough.
The humans settle down on the new world and they are thinking about gaining more experience and technolgie from the Asheroc and get back their home world. Soon the Asheroc build bases on the new home world of the humans and the humans feel more and more under surveillance.
More and more humans start to dislike the Asheroc and soon humans start to disappear.

Rough Storyboard


Noxons attack on surprise.
They attack Earth first, then Mars.
Mars is warned and prepared, but an easier target for the Noxons.
Shortly before the Noxons attack Mars, first real contact has been made with the Asheroc.
They are willed to help, after they see what happened to Earth.
They come up with a solution just when Mars gets attacked.
Survivors from Earth (very few) and survivors of Mars (a bit more) travel to the outer sol-system to meet with the Asheroc to be able to flee.

Attack on Earth

Earth has about three days to be prepared for the Noxon attack (short enough to call it a surprise).
Moon as a defense base for the Earth’s orbit gets blown up by the first Noxon attack.
Needless to say there are a lot casualties on Earth due to the blown up stones from the moon raining down on Earth.
Main character survives the meteorite hail and is able to flee from Earth while there are fights on ground and in the orbit of Earth.

Attack on Mars

The attack on Mars will be similar to the attack on Earth, the main character is boarding one of the get-away ships very soon and won’t witness the main attack of the Noxons.


We have the credits on the bottom of the screen, while the intro is running. Of course the intro is skipable, but it gives a good view into the universe of Orxonox.
On screen there is a alarm clock which shows 6:59. When it changes to 7 am, the radio of the alarm clock starts playing.
We hear a newscaster talking. The camera zooms out and shows a night table, then it moves to the ground and shows what’s beneath the bed. The person who was lying in the bed gets up. We see her feet and how she walks away from the bed. Then we hear the shower starting to run and the camera shows a bit of the bedroom and the apartement of the person.
The camera leaves the apartement and the building which the apartement is in and shows a big skyscraper in the middle of a huge city. You can still hear the newscaster talking about recent wars, economy and weather. The camera shows a few parts of the city but then zooms out wide and we see the earth and then a spacestation orbiting the planet. While the camera zooms out the moon’s defense base of UCA comes into view. The newscaster has finished with the news and plays music. After a while – the earth is only a tiny dot – the Noxon space cruiser comes into view. The picture fades out.

This is what the newscaster says: “Good morning New London. It’s 7 o’clock in the morning and this is 7 o’clock news with me, Frank Reeze, your favorite newscaster.
New York, Earth: The finance minister of the UCA explained this morning, that the ressources from the outer system are going to be more expensive next year. The raise of the taxes has been decided because of the bad economy on Earth, he said. The government wants to reduce the import of ressources we already have on Earth but which are cheaper to import from space.
Mariner-Valleys, Mars: The Asian Community on Mars won another battle against the AC of Earth. The AC rebels on Mars, who are fighting for independece for almost 5 years now invaded the Mariner-Valleys and stroke hard against the troups from Earth. Sun Wan Lee, general of the AC forces explained last night, that the most important thing for his country is, that the AC stays one big community.
Moon: The defense station of the UCA on Mars, has located a object which is closing in on Earth with high speed. The last measures say the object will miss the Earth by a few thousands kilometres, though. The exact flying route will be published this evening. The object will pass the Earth in 2 days, if it stays on its current speed.
And the weather: This morning until noon the sun will shine over the city, after this we expect radiation storms and we suggest you stay inside and refrain from going outside without protection. The evening will be fine again, there might be temperatures below 10 degrees, so keep yourselves warm.
This was the 7 o’clock news with Frank Reeze and now some music to give you a nice start in the day.”

Orxonox More Detailed Story

Fay Lettik, the main character, in the game is a simple transporter pilot for a transporter firm. She usually flyes her rocketship from the London airport Heathrow to the spacestation OPP from the EU to unload and load goods. In a day she is able to fly five times up and down. The job is quiet because there are no pirates in the atmosphere of Earth and she’s in a team of three people. A technician and a copilot are their partners.
This morning she’ll be on her usual way to the airport with the train. On Heathrow though, there will be a different shuttle as the usual one and she will have to learn the new controls of this much better ship. She’s assisted by her partners which give useful hints so they are finally able to start their day. They start for their first flight to orbit which is going easy. When they unload the goods at the OPP spacestation they talk with the station crew and hear of new gossips about the alien race Asheroc. People say, the Asheroc warned them of a third race which is eager to eliminate the earthlings. Of course the group laughts about the warning and calls the people, who say they had contact with the Asheroc lunatics.
On the way back there are problems with the reentry into the atmosphere. The shuttle is shaking and the hull is severly damaged when they finally reach the save airport. Because the shuttle is destroyed and Fay and her crew nearly lost their lives during the reentry, they get their day off. They decide to the city and get a nice meal to forget the horrible morning. The group is traveling with the highstreet vehicle of the technician. Fay is not in the mood to drive another vehicle, but the technician who knows how much she wants to drive this vehicle talks her into it anyway. Fay who doesn’t have a highstreet vehicle (HSV) herself needs a little introduction of the controls of the vehicle, but is then ready to go. They drive into the big city, the copilot knows the way and tells Fay the directions to the restaurant.
After the meal they decide to go home. Fay drives to the copilot’s place and lets him out, then she drives to her own place and tells the technician good bye, who drives off with his HSV. Fay is terribly tired and probably suffers from a shock, so she lies into her bed when she gets home and falls asleep.
She’s having a dream of sitting inside of a human fighter. A voice tells her how to drive the ship and she’s able to fight back the incoming Noxons spaceships. She gets to know of rockets, lasers and the behaviours of the ship in free space. The dream ends in a warning and the incoming of a huge Noxon cruiser. Suddenly the ship is surrounded by moving meteorites which are destroying her ship. When the ship explodes Fay wakes up in her bed. She gets up goes on the toilet and discovers she has a terrible headache, so she goes back to sleep imediately
The next day starts again at 7 o’clock when the alarm clock is ringing. The news of the reporter is more concerning now. Frank Reeze talks about aliens approaching Earth and that the alien ship is not of any kind the humans know about. The ship doesn’t seem to be from the Asheroc and the UCA is warning the whole humankind and is preparing for a violent contact with the unkown ship. Of course there is a huge chaos at the trainstation and there is no way to get to the airport in time, because all the people try to get of the planet. Crimes are more often in the chaos and Fay’s objective is to somehow reach the airport.
Soon it’s clear Fay cannot reach the airport with the train, so she tries to find a person who brings her to the airport by HSV. She finds a person who is willing to take her with him and so they drive on the highstreet to Heathrow. There is a lot of traffic, but the cars are still able to move fast.
The guy who drives the HSV is not that talkative, but Fay still finds out that he’s got family on Mars and that he will travel there as fast as possible, and waits on the planet until the alien problem is solved.
Suddenly a vehicle in front of them changes lanes and hits another HSV. The drivers of the HSVs lose control of their vehicles. Fay’s driver is too slow to react and their HSV hits the cars in the front in a way it goes airborne and falls from the highstreet. The scene ends with the terrible fall into the dark beneath the street. During the fall, you can see a skyscraber between the two highstreets which are getting smaller.
When Fay wakes up, the sky is dark. A small bit of the morning sunlight of the next day is visible in the sky. High above Fay there is the highstreet. Next to her, her former driver is lying next to his vehicle with a crushed skull. He obviously fall out of the vehicle when it fell down and his landing, wasn’t soft at all. Fay herself is miracously still alive and only has a few scratches. Nothing serious, though.
The HSV is of course not running anymore. Between blocks and pipes of concrete, between the big walls of skyscrabers reaching he into the air, she has to find a way to the airport. Suddenly a few guys come into view. A gang of deillusioned young people with no future. They stop a few metres in front of Fay and watch her going slower until she reaches them. The gang watch her closely and begin to surround Fay. (Here is a possibility to use the good-and-bad points system: If the player chooses to attack the group immediately the fight will be easier but their will be a raise of “bad-points”. If the player isn’t that aggressive he will receive “good-points”.)
The fight ends, if the player is good enough with Fay’s victory. She steals a bike and flees while another gang is attacking with a lot bigger weapons than the other one before.
In the end she reaches the airport, but at the same time her gaze wanders into the sky and the huge alien spaceship is visible. It’s a quarter as big as the moon and Fay is able to see lines of heavy laser fire between the two objects in the sky.
Fay drives the last part to the airport finds her old transporter ship which she was using all these months before three days ago. Luckily the spaceship is still starting and Fay puts in the fuel for one travel to the spacestation she usually flies to. She’s forced to leave the planet without allowance. The airport is actually shooting at the transporter ship while it is leaving the ground.
When the danger passed there is a blinding flash at the sky. The alien spaceship shot a huge whole into the moon. Fay can actually see that the moon isn’t as full as it was before. The sky on the other hand is burning because of big parts of moon glowing while they enter the atmosphere. The orange light is covering the whole sky.

During this incident Fay’s listening to the radio. She hears ground stations losing control with the spacestations and soon it’s clear that the stones from the destroyed moon are not only flying down on Earth but also started to orbit the Earth. Those big rocks rip the spacestations apart so their crew dies by getting sucked out into the vacuum. There might by some spacestations which survive this incident heavily damaged. But since it’s unlikely that any shuttle or spaceship is going to dock on them soon, their crew may die an even worse death.
Hearing these news in terror, Fay decides to fly down onto the ground again to find shelter before bigger rocks are shooting through the atmosphere and ripping apart her ship like they did with the spacestations.
While she turns down to the ground she already sees big rocks a few kilometeres in front of her shooting through the sky, leaving a smoky trail behind them. The instruments of the ship are bleeping and red lights are warning. Fay doesn’t even have to look down on the displays telling her to leave this area, because of the danger of collision.
Transport shuttles aren’t built to fly towards the ground with great speed. Their built to transport even very breakable or hazardous stuff safely to the ground. It also has a huge cargo bay and a strong shape. These ships are not very aerodynamic and so Fay’s transporter is on the edge of breaking apart. She’s fleeing from two certain deaths: Her transporter may break apart due to great forces on the ship’s hull or it may get ripped apart by the burning rocks falling from the sky.
Fay is crashing in Europe, not in England anymore but rather in the heart of the EU. Will she be able to find shelter? Is there anyway she’ll get of this planet and flee? Even if she’s going to be able to, where we’ll she flee to?

Fay is going to find shelter. Of course she will have to flee by foot after her transporter crashed down. All the time there will be meteors falling from the sky. The small amounts of time when the sky is empty Fay is able to run around without cover. Any other time she’ll have to find something which catches the meteors. She will find a group of people who want to leave the planet with a big spaceship located in a military facility near the place Fay crashed.
The group will be confronted with people who plunder the city and fighting for the little they have left. This is the first time Fay is going to use a weapon for self defense against the people who are out of control. Fay will be able to choose the weapon and the ammunition (a possibilty to use the good and bad point system again).

The two Levels for the Fourth Convention

singleplayer level

The bsp-indoor level was designed by Patrick. The outdoor (in space) part was designed by Bensch.
Anyway we didn’t have the time to finish and implement the level the way we would have liked. This level will of course be better when we work on the content creation.


We are in the outer solar system. The human survivors of the Noxon attack flee to the Asheroc Wormhole Gate, which is orbiting Uranus. We see the human fleet of freighters, transporters and other big civilian ships, with no or weak weapons. They are followed by a human military ship escorting the fleet to the rescuing gate.
Our main character is on the military ship which is escorting the survived humans. She is in lock up, because she was caught earlier in a secret pirate space station of the "Hazardous Axe".

In the battleship

We play the main character in the jail. We can look around and talk to the other guys in the cell.
Suddenly an alarm goes off and the lights go red. We hear the captain of the military ship talking about a Noxon attack. During his orders that every single pilot of the ship has to go to the hangar and fight the Noxons, we hear several explosions from far away.
The guys in the jail get nervous they stand up and walk around, trying to ask the guard what is going on. The guard is also nervous, but tells the prisoners to shut up and be quiet. But the prisoners begin to shout at the guard and rattling the bars of the cell.
The alarm is still howling when suddenly another guard enters the jail and tells the first guard to open up the cells. They need the pirate pilots to fight the Noxons because the enemies are too many.
We run with the other pirates through the military space ship. Sometimes there is a window where you can see how the fight is going on.
In the hangar you can see how the pirates are boarding their ships and get launched off the ship. One pirate is fighting with a guard refusing to fight for the government. He gets shot (or something like that) by the guards.
We enter the remaining ship and get launched off the battleship.

In space

We enter free space with our spaceship. A huge fight between Asheroc, Noxons and some humans is going on around the fleet of the humans, the Asheroc gate and between the Asheroc and Noxon battlestars. The music is intense to create a stressful atmosphere.
We hear the Captain shouting attack orders and two pirate pilots fly formation with us attacking the Noxons.
During the fight we see the ships from the human race entering the Wormhole Gate and disappearing or we hear the Captain shouting when a ship has left the battlefield.
When the last civilian spaceship has left, the Captain gives orders to return to the battleship. We return to the ship while the fight is going on behind us. When we land in the hangar, we leave our main character and a movie plays:
The Noxon battleship is now close enough to shoot at the Wormhole Gate. We see big rockets racing to the gate and ripping it apart just when the military battleship is jumping. Of course the jump goes wrong and the human battleship is transferred to a complete different location: We hear how the Captain is shouting that something has gone wrong. The camera zooms out and we see a Noxon fleet and attacking Asheroc fighters at the edge of the milkyway and between them only the military ship. We hear heartbeating or drumbeats. The Orxonox logo enters the screen.

What do we need for the singleplayer level?

  • Intense music for the level. (of course we have the soundtrack ;-))
  • Voiceover!

multiplayer level

This level was not at the convention, because of the graphical intenseness there was no time to even start building the island. We had a multiplayer level tough.

This fight is on some island on Earth. The Noxons are wiping away the remaining humans on Earth. A big Asheroc fighter had to make a forced landing earlier and the passengers are now fighting against the Noxons and the humans defending the area: Deathmatch. There is not much to say:

  • We need an outdoor level, where the weather is changing continuously (rain, thunderstorm, sunshine, snow, fog).
  • It would be cool if the limits of the level is water (a fence, a wall of rocks or something like that works also).
  • We need a few buildings.
  • There has to be a lake in the level or as told earlier the limits of the level is water.

The rest does not matter, it should become a exciting deathmatch level.