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The ObjectList is a generic container for Classes that are derived from BaseObject.

Every object, that spcifies the registerObject-function is automatically registered to the ObjectList, and stored within it. (also see BaseObject about this)

The fancy thing about the ObjectList is:

  1. One can get a list of all Objects of any type (as long as it is derived from BaseObject)
  2. One can check if an Object exists within a List.
  3. One can check if all allocated data is deleted again, or if it is just floting around somewhere.


  • Iterating through a List: (note that the iterator is a std::list<PNode*>::const_iterator and can be used like any other stl-iterator.)
     ObjectList<PNode>::const_iterator it;
     for (it = PNode::objectList().begin(); it != PNode::objectList().end(); ++it)
  • get an Object with some name
    /// some class
    ObjectListBase::getBaseObject("PNode", "Player"); // returns a BaseObject* to the first object of a class named PNode and an Object named Player.
    /// defined class: much faster, and way more powerfull!
    PNode::objectList().getObject("Player"); // returns a PNode* to an Object named Player