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This is an outdated page!
This page is very old and the content is not up to date.
Not everything (if any) which is written here will be in the final game!

  1. Get the ebuild: source:/trunk/scripts/gentoo#HEAD (download newest ebuild)
  2. Change to root user
    wraith root # su -
  3. Copy the ebuild to /usr/portage/games-action/orxonox (and create new directory)
  4. wraith root # cd /usr/portage/games/action/orxonox
    wraith root # ebuild orxonox-*.ebuild digest
    wraith root # emerge orxonox

From now on you should be able to play Orxonox, and if you have subversion installed and a login, you will also be able to develop.

Installing the Libraries

Install the following libraries:

Here are the commands to enter:

wraith root # emerge media-libs/libsdl
wraith root # emerge media-libs/sdl-image
wraith root # emerge media-libs/sdl-ttf
wraith root # emerge media-libs/sdl-net
wraith root # emerge glew
wraith root # emerge openal
wraith root # emerge libvorbis
wraith root # emerge qt

Or one big one-liner:

wraith root # emerge libsdl sdl-image sdl-ttf sdl-net glew openal libvorbis qt

LUA Scripting language

Lua is used for scripting in Orxonox, and it will be pulled in while comfiguring. There is also the possibility to use system wide lua installation (aka. emerged package). At the time of this writing, Orxonox is only compatible with lua-5.0.x. Any other version might cause some undesired effects like not being able to compile. [12/2/2007]

Gentoo is now ready to compile and then run Orxonox.

Getting the Source Code

First of all you have to install subversion on your system: Make sure, that you have ssl included in your make.conf file:

 USE="..., ssl, ..."

now emerge subversion

wraith user # emerge subversion

Check out the source via anonymous subversion login. This will download the whole project to the directory orxonox-dir.

wraith user # svn co orxonox-dir

You won't be able to commit your own code (check in) with the anonymous subversion repository. You have to ask us for a username/password combination. If you already have an account, check it out like this:

wraith user # svn co orxonox-dir

You will be asked for your username and password, that you got from us.


Just change into the trunk directory, then execute configure and make….

wraith user # cd ./orxonox/trunk/
wraith user # ./
wraith user # ./configure
wraith user # make
wraith user # cd src
wraith user # ./orxonox


If you want to profile Orxonox (measure its performance) you will probably want to view the statistics in a special program like kprof. On Gentoo systems you can just emerge it:

wraith root # emerge kprof

Orxonox runs much much slower with profiling enabled.

wraith user # cd ./orxonox/trunk/
wraith user # ./configure --enable-profile
wraith user # make
wraith user # cd src
wraith user # ./orxonox

Orxonox now runs very slow and writes its profiling stats to a file called gmon.out. Remember that _only_ the functionalities you use while profiling will be profiled (since the profile log is written while the program is been executed).
After you exit the Orxonox, you can parse the output file and then be able to open it in kprof:

wraith user # gprof -b ./orxonox > text.out
wraith user # kprof -f text.out

For more documentation see the development resources.