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     3=== Debian Sarge ===
     4Orxonox does not run on the official version of Debian Sarge because libqt4 is missing. Maybe using a backport of QT4 from could solve this problem (this has not yet been tested).
     6=== Debian Etch ===
     7Installing Orxonox on Debian Etch 4.0 works fine. Installing on Debian Testing (Lenny) and Debian SID (aka Unstable Debian) should work too (this has not yet been tested).
     9=== Installing the Libraries ===
     12wraith root # apt-get install libsdl1.2-dev libsdl-image1.2-dev libsdl-ttf2.0-dev libsdl-mixer1.2-dev libsdl-net1.2-dev libqt4-dev libglut3-dev libglew-dev libopenal-dev libvorbis-dev libavformat-dev libcurl3-dev liblualib50-dev
     16Users of the proprietary Nvidia driver need additional the nvidia opengl files:
     18wraith root # apt-get install nvidia-glx-dev
     20=== Installing Developer Tools ===
     23wraith root # apt-get install subversion automake1.9 g++
     26=== Getting the Source Code ===
     28Check out the source via anonymous subversion login. This will download the whole project to the directory orxonox-dir.
     30wraith user $ svn co orxonox-dir/trunk
     31wraith user $ svn co orxonox-dir/data/trunk
     33You won't be able to commit your own code (check in) with the anonymous subversion repository. You have to ask us for a username/password combination. If you already have an account, check it out like this:
     35wraith user $ svn co orxonox-dir/trunk
     36wraith user $ svn co orxonox-dir/data/trunk
     38You will be asked for your username and password, that you got from us.
     41=== Compiling ===
     42Just change into the trunk directory, then execute configure and make....
     44wraith user $ cd ./orxonox/trunk/
     45wraith user $ ./
     46wraith user $ ./configure
     48wraith user $ make
     51=== Playing ===
     53wraith user $ cd ./orxonox/trunk/src
     54wraith user $ ./orxonox
     56Select the data file orxonox/data/trunk/data.oxd in the menu and play!
     58=== Profiling ===
     59If you want to profile Orxonox (measure its performance) you will probably want to view the statistics in a special program like kprof.
     61wraith root # apt-get install kprof
     63A word of warning: Orxonox runs much much slower with profiling enabled.
     65wraith user # cd ./orxonox/trunk/
     66wraith user # ./configure --enable-profile
     68wraith user # make
     70wraith user # cd src
     71wraith user # ./orxonox
     73Orxonox now runs very slowly and writes its profiling statistics to a file called gmon.out. Remember that _only_ the Orxonox functionalities you use while profiling will be profiled (since the profile log is written while the program is been executed). [[br]]
     74After you exit Orxonox, you can parse the output file and then open it in kprof:
     76wraith user # gprof -b ./orxonox > text.out
     77wraith user # kprof -f text.out
     79For more documentation see the [wiki:DevelopmentResources development resources].