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Human Race

This is an archived page!
This page is very old and the content is not up to date.
Not everything (if any) which is written here will be in the final game!

Check out this thread to discuss about this content.


The following scenario is used for the story of the game Orxonx only and neither the developers of Orxonox nor any persons relating the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) believe this scenario is a realistic projection of the near future. The game Orxonox will contain neither political nor religious messages. We, the developers of Orxonox, would like to build our game story in the near future of our world with the countries and communities we know, which does not imply that any of us believes that anything will happen like that. We do also not intend to make others, like the players of the game, believe this scenario and we also do not intend to offend or harm anyone or any political or religious group. This game and therefore also this story is open source so using and/or consuming is under your own responsibility. If you fell offended or do not feel to take responsibility, please refrain from reading the story or playing the game. Any similarities with future or past events or persons are accidental and unintended.

the implants

Human bodies are weak, but the humans are aware of their weakness and so they invented with the small knowledge about their own brain, a way to improve themselves. They constructed implants which allow them to fasten their speed of thinking, control the output of hormones into the blood and many more. The implants can be bought on the black market and there are even doctors who lost their license who implant those for everyone paying the right price. The organisation of human health warns that implants from the black market can do serious damage on brain or other organs and may be livethreatning. Not all problems of the implants have yet been found out. Since it’s a rather new technology, the long term effects are still unknown. The military implants them into every soldier anyway. The pirate organisations love guys with proper implants, because they are often better in fighting throught the improvement of their abilities. Churches on the other hand hate implants and call them unhuman and robotism of the human sacred body given by god, allah or whoever.

the earth-mars conflict

In the human community there is a huge difference between earth and mars born humans. For example there is a big hope in the new generation of mars born children. Humans believe that they don’t get that much depressed since the mars cities are a lot more friendly and less broken down. Earth born generation on the other hand gets even more depressed since noone has any expectations for them. They kill their time with drugs. The new synthetic drugs are less dangerous for the body and have more effect on the human brain. The computer game industry even built up a virtual-reality drug. In there the player lives much easier than in the real world. No wonder this drug is highly addictive. But while earth born humans do nothing it seems that mars born children and teenager are even more under pressure to sucess in their lives. They hate the earth born generation for their lazyness and the earth born generation don’t understand them and of course hate them as well. So there is even a tension without all these governments, churches and pirates. In addition the colonies on mars want to be independent and build ip their own governments. The governments on earth are very eager to control them, though.

the governments

There are only a few big governments left: Unites Countries of America (UCA) the old USA, Canada, parts of Mexico and Kuba, European Union (EU) with some parts of North Africa and Australia (england put them under their crown), India with some countries of central asia (CAU central asia union) and the Asian Community (AC) which contains China, Japan, Vietnam, Laos, Taiwan and some other islands. UNO disapeared in 2030 after the third world war between the USA and the countries of near east (USA won). The governments have now the old UNO building to meet each other. But the problems of the world are too big to be solved like this. At least in the eyes of most governments. No one really cares about those meetings.

the churches

There are also different churches: The Christian Church disapeared because the faith in God had to make place for the western progress in technology. Still there are Christians in sects but the old Christian Church known in the 20th century is not existing anymore. These sects are quite small. There are still the religions Buddism, Islam and Jewry. The religion is not that important in the lives of the humans in 2100, but still a lot of decisicions are based on faith in God, Allah or Buddha.

the companies

As we know the economy in 2100 is not very healthy. A lot of small companies went bankrupt and only the big companies survived. They had to pay a big price, though.

ressource companies

Today we know a lot of fuel companies, delivering the petrol to keep our cars running. As expected the oil ran out in the 21st century and a lot of the fuel companies were unable to change to alternative fuel. These companies have been bought by those companies, which were able to change. In the year 2037 the USA sold rights to conquer the space to spacetravel companies. (Companies are not allowed to travel to space nowadays)
Soon the remaining fuel companies saw the potential of the gas giants in the outer solar system. A big race began, compareable to the run in the wild west, when the european people came to the north american continent. Due to the tough competition only a few companies were able to build large space stations orbiting Jupiter to harvest the hydrogen.
Of course the governments wanted their share, but the pirates had been faster and so, the companies paid pirates to protect the freighters. Somehow security companies or police weren’t able to settle down in space.

What about mining? Earth is a big source for iron, silicon, aluminium and other metals. Only hydrogen is a rare material on Earth, so the ressource companies in the future are only interested in the hydrogen from gas giants. In space there are not many miners. You can sometimes meet a freighter with metals on board, because space stations need material to build spaceships.

computer industry

The companies of the computer industry are the biggest ones and the economic crisis hasn’t touched this branch of industry that much.
The main assignment of these companies are spaceship computers. These companies fight for rights to build the large computersystems for space stations, but they have not much to do in the free space.

supply companies

Space stations have a lot of personal. They all need food, air and water filters, a lot of metals and fuel. Supply companies are the biggest industry in space, because of the huge distances material and personal have to travel. This job is also a very dangerous one, because there are a lot of pirates, aiming for the valuable supplies.

the pirates

The pirates are groups of criminals and banished persons and are of any religion or nationality. Pirates of the same group never fight each other, even if their religion would demand it. If two governments are in war, pirates are trying to take advantage of it. They trade with weapons and their relations to governments are never official. Pirates always have their spies in the governments and they also trade with this information. A war between governments can be decided by pirates. But there are also fights between different groups of pirates. There the governments play a important role, because they chase down criminals and only a good relation with a government saves a pirate group. It is really a love-hate relationship between pirates and governments. They need each other and fight each other as the times demands it.

the moons

In 2044 the new UCA declared the moon as military territory. They built huge defense stations on the moon’s surface which are not really needed. On Mars the UCA also wanted to build defense stations on Deimos and Phobos the two moons of the planet. The AC, which is the most powerful governement on Mars, was able to get in the way, though.
As an result Mars is a lot less defended than the human home planet.


Let’s take a closer look on switzerland to see what happend in the last one hundred years.
In 2016 switzerland abolishs their army and are in fact the first country with no protection.
In 2018 switzerland joins the EU as a full member.
Due to these decisions the rightwinged parties gained more voters than ever. The tension raises and before 2030 when the third world war starts, the army gets founded again. During the third world war switzerlands looses its neutrality in combat and attacks countries in the middle east.
After the third world war the EU kicks out switzerlands due major conflicts regarding army, the role of the EU in the world and trading. The EU also demanded to get cheap water from switzerland, since the world population nearly reaches 10 billions and switzerland is one of those countries who have plenty of fresh water. A war between switzerland and the EU was inescapable.
In 2040 switzerland surrenders and the country gets devided into a french, italien and german part which goes to France, Italy and Germany. So switzerland returns to EU, but not as switzerland anymore. This procedure – later called “country-swallowing” in the history books – is very common from 2040 to 2050 and so in 2050 the UCA, CAU, AC and EU are the only countries which are left besides Africa which never managed to catch up with the rest of the world and some south american countries which never had the chance to stand up for themselves since the UNO has been canceled.


There are several cities on the planets Earth and Mars. The biggest ones have a big shuttle batteries, where maned and unmaned shuttles ex- and import supplies and material. They’re also used to transport people.
Only a few cities posess huge elastic lifts raising into the air until they reach one of the geo-stationary space station in the orbit of the planet. Those lifts are only built on Earth. On Mars they don’t need lifts because of the little gravity.
Small houses outside of the big cities are built beneath the ground like shelters. Only in big cities the skyscrapers reach high into the air and are connected with highstreets. The skyscraper reach as high into the air as they reach beneath the ground. The deeper the poorer the companies and the people are.
The big cities are dark. There is a grey shadow at the horizon and the sky is not as blue as outside of the cities. Cities are dark and the buildings look black from the polution. A lot of buildings aren't in use anymore or are partly abandoned. Nobody has the money to rebuild them or build bigger buildings instead.


Spacestations are very important to connect the planet’s surface with the planet’s orbit. Normally a spaceship used to transport ressources or persons between planets docks on spaceships and gets unloaded and loaded without landing on the planet. The spaceship is as you can see alsways in space and most of the spaceships aren’t able to resist the high temperature resulting from a flight through the athmosphere.
The planet Earth uses big elevators or shuttles to travel to and from the spacestations, Mars only uses shuttles.
Spacestations are either possessions of governments or travel and transport companies. One can not leave a planet without his personalities registered by any of the stations.


Design Guidelines

Think of spaceshuttles or our planes. Of course in 2100 the style is more futuristic but not a lot. Also think of the bad economy in this time, so spaceship look like crap. They are streamlined like jets and like the spaceships we know from other games and movies, but give them a bit a retro look, they have to look old.
Texture: Human spaceships aren't clean. There are gangrenous spots and scratches everywhere.

I like the Vipers form BS Galactica. But those are nearly to futuristic and not dirty enough. The good thing about the human spaceships, is that they don't have to look alike. Just model a ship looking like a slightly futuristic shuttle or jet which is very dirty and old.

I drew a concept drawing, I probably make a model too.

We need big civilian ships, huge battleships and fighters. Supply, research and transport ships have lower priority.