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TracNav(TracNav/TOC)? one of the most interesting part for players of action games are GUNS.


orxonox knows the following Gun-types:

  1. Lasers, unidirectionals
    • direction: one specified: front, sideways, backwards, up down
    • shiptype: small ships
  2. Rockets
    • direction: initial: to the front (if there exists one), flightpath variable
    • shiptype: all ships
  3. Turrets:
    • direction: mouse-look
    • shiptype: big ones (supporting multiple people)
  4. Bombs
    • direction: hole screen
    • shiptype: only the big guys :)


  • WeaponManager: every ship has a WeaponManager, that…
    • handles its guns,
    • ticks them,
    • lets them shoot,
    • connects them to ships energy
    • activates/deactivates … them.

  • Weapon: Superclass: this is the main class for Weapons, that will be derived by .see types. (many more)
  • Projectile: Superclass: The Projectile-class is the main class for any ammo, what we acctually throw at enemies
    • Lasershots
    • Rockets
    • Electrical charges (as we are elictrical engeneers)
    • the Bomb(tm) itself
    • water and so on……