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Engine Features

This is an archived page!
This page is very old and the content is not up to date.
Not everything (if any) which is written here will be in the final game!

Platform & 3D API support

  • Linux, Windows (all major versions) and Mac OSX support
  • OpenGL, OpenAL support
  • Builds on gcc 4+ on Linux, Mac OSX (using XCode) and Windows using Cygwin
  • Framework bases on SDL library

Material / Shader support

  • Powerful material declaration language
  • Load textures from PNG, JPEG, TGA or BMP
  • Textures can be provided and updated in realtime
  • Material LOD support; your material's cost is reduced as the objects using them get further away
  • Easy loading/unloading of OpenGL shaders


  • Import from many modelling tools including Blender, Milkshape3D, 3D Studio Max and Maya as .obj/.mtl and md2 files
  • Quake 3 BSP model format support
  • Height map loading support with many additional features
  • Linear 3D animation module

Misc Graphics Engine

  • Powerfull and fast ParticleEngine?, including easily extensible emitters. Uses billboarding.
  • Generic WeatherEngine? creating raind, snow, thunder and lightning effects
  • Very nice water effects with shader support (including reflection and refraction)
  • Self made graphical user interface very adaptable and performant
  • Support for skyboxes, skyplanes and skydomes, very easy to use

Collision Detection

  • Algorithm to create an Object-Aligned-Bounding-Box out of a triangle-soup
  • OBB obj-obj collision detection
  • Quadtree separation on the terrain, triangle-OBB collision detection for terrain-obj collisions
  • Id-Softwares' BSP model format and collision algorithms


  • Robust UDP/TCP based networking module
  • Proxy server support which makes the game very scalable (almost arbitrary player numbers, almost :D )
  • Different supported game modes for multiplayer games

Artificial Intelligence

  • We have a very powerfull script engine based on LUA: object creation and control is one of many features
  • Some very simple AI scripts

Misc. Engine

  • Powerful and simple event-handling system, supporting different states and many input devices like mouse, joystick, joypad and keyboard
  • Generic world loading over XML files
  • Easy to use XML and ini reader/writer