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Spaceship Control

This is an archived page!
This page is very old and the content is not up to date.
Not everything (if any) which is written here will be in the final game!

Designers and Programmers
Silvan Nellen?
Benjamin Knecht?

The goal is to implement a controlling system that allows you to fly freely through the world. Generally the reaction on an input depends on the Object. Therefore we created a concept that allows a Player to control different objects through the same interface ("Player"). Every Object a Player can control is a "Playable".



-30.11.05 Project design: What do we want to do?
-7.12.05 Make the new concept work. Learn what we need to know to implement the controlling system, start implementation.
-14.12.05 Implementation of the controlling system.
-21.12.05 Implementation of the controlling system.
-11.1.06 Debug, Code Freeze
-18.1.06 Presentation
-25.1.06 Documentation

Our Progress so far

  • We implemented the new concept (shown above) so the player can theoretically change his spaceship
  • The Space Ship is no longer bound on the track
  • The Player can control the Space Ship freely in the Space, he can accelerate and brake. The player is also able to turn the ship up and down and to the left and right side.
  • The direction of the Spaceship's velocity and the direction of the Spaceship itself are independent
  • It's now possible to control the Spaceship with the mouse. It's still wobbly, though. (Crosshair does not work anymore)
  • We managed to get the mousecontrol working smoothly. The game is now playable.
  • We built in a hovereffect for the Spaceship.
  • There is "air friction" so, the Spaceship is not sliding that much while changing the direction.
  • The crosshair is now located in the middle of the screen. It might need some improvements, though.
  • There is now a helicopter you can control.
  • The crosshair of the Spaceship is now located where the spaceship is shooting at.
  • The camera is now dynamic and reacts on speed (needs probably some improvements)
  • Thanks to the X-mas-Project we are now able to change from one spaceship to another
  • We managed to fix a bug when rpaidly turning the spaceship.

What are we going to do next (if there is time)?

  • implement a function to dettach the camera from the spaceship to watch around it
  • We will definitly program another control (probably for a egoshooter perspektive (Ticket #61) or a tank, jeep, airdefense-tower or another flying object)

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