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Orxonox Content

This is the inventory of Orxonox's content.


Name Author(s) License Screenshot
Intro Cutscene SilvanNellen cc-by-sa-2.5 ?
Spacestation Interrior FabianLandau cc-by-sa-2.5 ?
Vertical Scroller 1 BenjaminKnecht, StefanLienhard cc-by-sa-2.5 ?
MP Arena ??? cc-by-sa-2.5 ?


Name Author(s) License Comment
Loading Screens ??? cc-by-sa-2.5 futuristic render scenes
orxonox_common_textures.pk3 FabianLandau cc-by-sa-2.5 textures for GTK-Radiant shaders
unicolored FabianLandau cc-by-sa-2.5 unicolored textures with several shades
Misc level textures Nexuiz Artists GPL
Planet surfaces Nasa Public Domain


Name Textured? Author(s) License Screenshot Comment
Human Space Ship Bomber yes PascalBrem cc-by-sa-2.5 ?
Human Space Ship Fighter yes AdrianWaeber cc-by-sa-2.5 ?
Human Space Station ZHARA yes SamBoegli cc-by-sa-2.5 ?
Noxon Space Ship Bomber yes TobiasRutishauser cc-by-sa-2.5 ?
Noxon Space Ship Fighter yes RalphBurkart cc-by-sa-2.5 ?
Noxon Space Ship Scout yes SimonWenner? cc-by-sa-2.5 ?
Pirates Space Ship Fighter yes MarcoDelai cc-by-sa-2.5 ?
Pirates Space Ship Ragnar yes AndreaMoroniStampa cc-by-sa-2.5 ?
Asteroids yes SamBoegli cc-by-sa-2.5 ?
Male.md2 yes ??? ? ?


Name Author(s) License Comment
Tracks by Allgorythm Allgorythm cc-by-sa-2.5
Tracks by Task Horizon Task Horizon cc-by-sa-2.5 DnB
Tracks by Luke Grey Luke Grey cc-by-sa-2.5
void Gregory "Tha Silent Partner" Davis cc-by-sa-2.5 Ambient


Name Author(s) License Comment
maya_orxonox_small.avi Maya (?) cc-by-sa-2.5 nice cartoon


Name Author(s) License Comment
Dejavu Fonts Novell Public Domain default fonts

Alien Content