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Claudio & Stefan


This module will load and handle Quake III levels as proposed in ticket:133. Though QIII-levels are great, they don't offer the extensibility of orxonoxs XML-levels. Thus BspModel is not meant to replace orxonoxs xml-levels.
To keep things as simple as possible, we intend to iplement a QuakeIII level loader which allows us to load QIII-.bsp files the same way, orxonox lets us load .md2 or .obj models.

There you find some recent screenshots.



  • Transparency as described on Rendering Q3 Maps (Claudio)
  • Multitextureing (Stefan, Claudio)
  • Lightmapping (Claudio)
  • Contents (Bsp Files, Textures)
  • Speed optimization (Claudio)
  • Support for big endian architecture (50% done)
  • Animated Textures (60% done)
  • Water
  • Collision with patches
  • Get the normals of the planes to which the player collided (Claudio)

Road map

Mi, 03. MayCollisionDetection: Definition of Interfaces & ImplementationMultitextureing: Implementation
Mi, 10. MayCollisionDetection: Implementation
Prepare BspFile and BspManager for Lightmapping
Multitextureing: Implementation
Do, 18. MayCollisionDetection: Implementation Lightmapping: Implementation
Do, 25. May Revision & (Support for big endian architecture using SDL_endian) Revision & (Lightmapping: Implementation)
Do, 01. JuneOverall Enhancement / Review
Overall Enhancement / Review
Do, 08. JuneProject freeze: debug and documentationProject freeze: debug and documentation
Do, 15. JuneCode finished and working perfectly (hopefully :o)Code finished and working perfectly
Mi, 21. JuneContent creationContent creation
Mi, 28. JuneContent finished: all models work, the world is playable Content finished: all models work, the world is playable

Further Information on the Q3 level format

Rendering Q3 Maps by Morgan McGuire
Unofficial Quake 3 Map Specs by Kekoa Proudfoot
Quake 3 Collision Detection by Nathan Ostgard

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