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First contact with the Asheroc occurred in 2070 when humans explored the outer solar system. A probe has found a strange object on the surface of Pluto. The object was a building of the Asheroc. The humans never knew what the building was for, but since they knew of the existence of the aliens, the Asheroc traveled through the solar system not trying to hide themselves. It seemed as if the Asheroc were waiting for the humans to find this building. Now ships from the Asheroc travel even in the orbit of Jupiter and Saturn. It came clear that the Asheroc weren't too excited about the humans, probably the Asheroc saw the underdevelopment of the human race and considered the humans as animals.
Tries to steal the foreign technology were futile. The security system of the Asheroc was simply too strong so the humans were never able to gain knowledge from them. No human ever dared to attack the Asheroc and they never attacked the humans or came near Mars or the Earth, so they can't count as enemies. But you cannot call them friends either, they just don’t seem to be interested in humans.
Scientists think that the fastest Asheroc spaceship would travel at near light speed. They don't know that the Asheroc are using very slow engines but have the technology to build up wormholes to jump from place to place in an instant. Asheroc know the physics of the universe a lot better than the humans. They communicate with telepathy and look down on the humans as self destroying species.
Most of the times the Asheroc travel through the solar system with only one, but huge type of spaceship. This type has been identified as some kind of freighter. Their load has not been found out, though. All attempts to communicate with these aliens has been unsuccessful.

the Asheroc and the Noxons

Asheroc and Noxons aren’t the same at all. The Noxons are very aggressiv and destroying species, the Asheroc on the other hand study and learn from every race they encounter. Since the Noxons were quite powerful, the Asheroc never dared to enslave them and they declared the Noxons as a serious danger for themselves. They hate and despise the Noxons and everything related to them.
The Noxons tried several attacks and some wars were fought equally, but the territorium of the Asheroc is too big to be conquered that easily. The Asheroc were never able to destroy the Noxons, because of their strong will to survive and their rage to destroy everything.
They somehow managed to make a deal with the Noxons, so the ongoing war ended and they tried to live peacefully next to each other.

the truth about the Asheroc

The Asheroc are a very intelligent and far progressed race, which conquered large parts of the solar-system. Their might is rather their knowledge than their power. The Asheroc know a lot of races in the universe, but no race was as interessting than the human race. Not like the Asheroc, the humans live in relatively small groups, they fight against each other and are very egoistic.
The Asheroc never destroyed other races, they enslaved them, after a long period of research or just left them. They first discovered the humans in 1987 shortly after the Noxons and therefore built a large research centre on pluto. After the research centre got discovered by a human probe, they tried to research the humans closer and so they sent research ships to the orbit of Jupiter to scan the space stations of our young race and to study our behaviour.
When they heard of the attack the Noxons are planing, they decided to make contact with the human race and help them, rather to save a species to enslave them and to get on the nerves of the Noxons.


The Asheroc are completely alien and do not resemble the humans. They love their own knowledge and should look very powerful. Surprise me with a model.


Asheroc spaceships tend to be very smooth and rounded. There are nearly no edges and no pointy objects at all on their ships.

Design Guidelines (OUTDATED)

Asheroc ship designer love rounds, ovals and spheres. Spacehips from the Asheroc fleet look like that:

  • Soft edges, spaceships are spheres or connected ovals and stuff. The ships are not streamlined but very round.
  • These spaceship look green, blue, white or gray, can be a bit fancy but not too much. You should not be afraid when seeing them, but astonished.
  • The faces are smooth, but one can see the amazing technical advance.


This is only an example. It's important that the Asheroc spaceships are a lot different than the Noxon ships. They should look more friendly. I look forward to any ideas how to improve the style of the asheroc ships.

We need huge ships from the Asheroc fleet: A big transporter, a research ship, a large battle ship.
But also small ones: A bomber, several fighters and supply ships.