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Nov 27, 2007, 10:33:56 PM (12 years ago)


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     1'''Animated Textures'''[[br]]
     4Our goal is to implement a container which can handle different media files like avi or mpeg. Through this we will be able to create animated textures or playing ingame movies. If we have enough time we will implement some cool features like recording.
     7We are using [ FFmpeg] to record and stream the audio and video files.[[br]]
     8"FFmpeg is a complete solution to record, convert and stream audio and video. It includes libavcodec, the leading audio/video codec library. FFmpeg is developed under Linux, but it can compiled under most operating systems, including Windows."
     15Multitex opens a media file and loads the frames as textures into a list.[[br]]
     16The textures are displayed on the screen.[[br]]
     17Try this only with short clips ~200frames[[br]]
     18./multitex yourMovie[[br]]
     218 Decrement fps by 1[[br]]
     229 Increment fps by 1[[br]]
     24There is a short clip in the data/media folder named crash.mpg[[br]]
     26Movie_player_test opens a media file and plays the movie. It loads the frames at runtime.[[br]]
     27This one can play long movies.[[br]]
     28./movie_player_test yourMovie[[br]]
     311 Play[[br]]
     322 Resume[[br]]
     333 Pause[[br]]
     344 Stop[[br]]
     359 Decrement speed by 0.5[[br]]
     360 Increment speed by 0.5[[br]]
     38There is a movie in the data/media folder named test_clip.mpg[[br]]
     41-30.11.05 Project design[[br]]
     42-07.12.05 Implementation[[br]]
     43-14.12.05 Implementation[[br]]
     44-21.12.05 Implementation[[br]]
     45-11.01.06 Debug, Code Freeze[[br]]
     46-18.01.06 Presentation[[br]]
     47-25.01.06 Documentation[[br]]
     50[ simple example][[br]]
     53[ FFmpeg][[br]]
     54[ NeHe: Lesson 35][[br]]
     57[ David Hasenfratz][[br]]
     58[ Stefan Lienhard][[br]]