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The mini-project is aimed to get the students started in object oriented C++ programming. In detail:

  • C++ code creation (Header, Implementation)
  • Code compilation in KDevelop or any other IDE, Shell :-)
  • Using the subversion repository
  • Working together in a big team on small different modules, interfaceing!
  • Create useful code for Orxonox


We will create a generic network interface for Orxonox. It should enable the user to send anything (from simple messages to complex objects) from one node to any subset of the other nodes. There should be different transfer modes supported: TCP with extensive use of the state flags and UDP.
This module will not only introduce you to the c++ prgramming but it will also give us an instrument to test network game performance and make some statistics about it. This will be most useful, when we start making Orxonox playable over network!


You will work in groups of two persons.

Project Pages

Look for the ~archive/NetworkManager page for more information on one of the two projects