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PPS Download

We check out the source and data repository and build for the first time

  1. Open a Terminal.
  2. Create a folder for yourself on the local harddrive:
    mkdir /scratch/<your-username> 
    cd /scratch/<your-username>
  3. Create your orxonox directory:
    mkdir orxonox && cd orxonox
  4. Now check out the latest revision of the data repository (you will probably be asked for a username and password once):
    svn co data_extern
    4.1 Open a new terminal tab, to work in parallel.
    Press Control + Shift + T.
    4.2 Now get the latest revision of the tutorial:
    svn co

4.3 While you wait, download and unzip additional dependencies:


  1. Wait for both branches to check out completely.
  1. Prepare to build:
    mkdir build && cd build
    cmake ../trunk
  2. Now build for the first time (may take some time, further builds will be faster):
    make -j4
    The -j4 means to create 4 parallel compile processes.

Start the game for the first time

  1. Start the game. You will see a menu popping up, just press the Quickstart button.