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Project Work


The project work will be done in teams of 2 to 3 persons. You will choose a topic you are interessted in to work on for about four weeks. You will write a small development/implementation plan that you should stick to during work.


There are some team functions to be maped to persons:

  • Group Leader: You will serve as an interface to the development team. You will make some weekly reports about the development progress and how the progress matches the the development plans. The leader has administrative tasks there is no implicit hirarchy created with this function.
  • Analyst: You will create logical modules out of the task description and write them out in an Class-UML diagram.
  • Architect: You will have the task to seek all necessary information about the software interfaces to Orxonox. If your project needs external libraries you will have to check them out and test if they realy serve the purpose.


  • 30.11.05: Start of the project design (0% of available time)
    1. UML-diagram of you modules.
    2. Timetable
    3. Organize your group, and decide who is responsible for what.
  • 06.11.05: Start of implementation (10% of available time)
    1. Write header files. (empty functions)
    2. Implement the sources
  • 21.12.05: Mini presentation of the state of the project (40% of available time)
    1. Show what you did, and how it will go on.
  • 11.01.06: Project freeze: debug and documentation session (70% of available time)
    1. Use GDB
    2. Use Valgrind
    3. Document with doxygen
    4. Write a Module description on the wiki
  • 25.01.06: Big project presentation (100% of available time)
    1. enjoy and lean back (drink tee)



Topic Link
Network #xx
BSP World Model #133
Artificial Intelligence #134
Scripting Engine #115
Power-UPs #112 (-) (-) A way to let the player pick up some power-ups
Mission Manager #91 (++) (++) A manager that checks if the game goals have been reached
GUNS #92 (=) (=) Add some wicked guns to the game
Scriptng Engine #xx, #105 (+++) (++) An engine that enables the game developer to designe interactive scenes
Fog Effects #51 (—) (-) Add some atmospheric fog to the levels
Phyics Engine #82 (- ++) (+) An engine that simulates physical reactions
Height Map #17 (+) (-) A way how the terrain is been saved
Animated Textures (movie-player) #50 (=) (-) Add the ability to play movies in Orxonox or make some animated textures
Art Concept Paper and Modeling (+) (-) Define the Orxonox Art standards and make some example artwork
Terrain Collision Detection #100 (+) (=) Add collision detection with the terrain
Orxonox homepage reimplementation (+) (=) Redesign the Orxonox webpage and make it more modular
MD3 Model Loading #62 (++) (=) Load models saved in the Quake3 model format
3ds Model Loader #36 (+) (-) Load models saved in the famous 3DMax format
Shaders (=) (=) Make some vertex/pixel shaders
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