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Time table and lecture descriptions.

# Date Topic Materials Coach Room
1 Do, 29. März Introduction to the Orxonox project lesson1? all ETZ H91, ETL F11
2 Do, 05. April Introduction to the Framework, Modelling lesson2? all ETZ H91, ETL F11
3 Do, 12. April ETZ H91, ETL F11
4 Do, 19. April ETL F11
5 Do, 26. April ETL F11
6 Do, 03. Mai ETL F11
7 Do, 10. Mai ETL F11
8 Do, 24. Mai ETL F11
9 Do, 31. Mai ETL F11
10 Do, 07. Jun All components finished. merge ETL F11
11 Do, 14. Jun Level finished, prepare Presentation ETL F11
12 Do, 21. Jun Presentation ETZ H91

cr: Christoph Renner, bk: Benjamin Knecht, sn: Silvan Nellen, sw: Simon Wenner