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Time table and lecture descriptions.

# Date Topic WikiPage Coach
1 02. November Introduction to Orxonox and Open Source Software in general lession1 pb, bg
2 09. November Workshop: Instruments of the Open Source project management, Miniproject lession2, miniproject bg, pb
3 16. November Workshop: Orxonox API 1(BaseObject, PNode?, WorldEntity, Vector, Quaternion) lession3 pb, bg
4 23. Novemeber Workshop: Orxonox API 2, miniproject review, Project lession4, project bg, pb
5 30. November Project analysis and design lession5 pb, bg
6 07. Dezember Project design review, implementation lession6 bg, pb
7 14. Dezember Project implementation, review lession7 pb, bg
8 21. Dezember Project implementation, review lession8 bg, pb
9 11. January Project implementation, review lession10? bg, pb
10 18. January Project implementation, review lession11? pb, bg
11 25. January Project freeze, debug, cleanup lession12? bg, pb, students
12 01. February Presentation preparation lession13? pb, bg
13 08. February Project presentations lession14? pb, bg

pb: Patrick Bönzli, bg: Benjamin Grauer