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Time table and lecture descriptions.

# Date Topic WikiPage Coach
1 Mi, 12. April Discussion about the future of Orxonox lession1 pb, bg
2 Do, 20. April Choosing a project work and design start (1week) project bg, pb
3 Mi, 26. April Start of implementation (5weeks) lession3 pb, bg ETZ F11
4 Mi, 03. May Implementation lession4, bg, pb ETZ F11
5 Mi, 10. May Implementation lession5 pb, bg ETL F11
6 Do, 18. May Implementation lession6 bg, pb
7 Mi, 24. May Review in teams and design resync, begin content creation (2 weeks) lession7 pb, bg
8 Do, 01. June Project implementation, review lession8 bg, pb
9 Do, 08. June Project freeze: debug and documentation session (1 week) lession10? bg, pb
10 Do, 15. June Code finished and working perfectly lession11? pb, bg
11 Mi, 21. June Only content creaction lession12? bg, pb, students ETL F11
12 Mi, 28. June Content finished: all models work, the world is playable lession13? pb, bg ETL F11
13 Mi, 05. July Convention and big show lession14? pb, bg

pb: Patrick Bönzli, bg: Benjamin Grauer