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Axel Bomhauer-Beins

About Myself

My name is Axel Bomhauer-Beins aka 'XBB'. I'm studying electrical engineering at ETH since 2007. I have been part of orxonox project as PPS in HS08.

Why Orxonox as PPS?

Well, I'm interested in programming and graphic design and would like to be part of a greater project. For me Orxonox seems to be interesting because you get a chance to have a look behind game-programming and might improve your programming and design skills. But I must admit that also the 8 credit points are a good argument ;-)

Something else?

I'm interested in Webdesign and -programming, so visit my main-homepage:

Orxonox PPS-Project

My PPS-Job is creating textures for older SpaceSphip-models. See Enhance Older Models?
Also I'm creating a wiki-page about the United Earth Alliance?