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Download Orxonox


Source access

The best and most convenient way to access our source code is to use SVN and check out the trunk as it contains the most updated and recent stable features:

You also need the media files. The path can be configured in orxonox.ini.

You need an account to access https. If you just want to look at the code, use http, but if you want to commit something, you must use https. Contact us if you need an account.

Directory Structure

We recommend to checkout the two repositories into two separate folders on the same level. You can then easily configure the path of the Media files in orxonox.ini, section [GSRoot], key "dataPath". For the directory structure mentioned, the settings would be (and is per default) "../../Media" because it has to be relative to the bin directory.


At the moment, there are no binaries or install packages available for Orxonox, since the game is still in an very early development stage. Please use the source distribution from Subversion.


To install Orxonox, select your OS specific installation guide from the list below:

  • Special installation instructions for the ETH Tardis? Computers

For previous versions of Orxonox, there still are installation guides available:

Precompiled Dependencies

For some IDEs we supply the dependencies with the libraries and includes directly as archive:

Name Date Notes
Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Precompiled Dependencies 10 October 2008 You must have SP1 installed!

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