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Download Orxonox

At the moment, there are no binaries or install packages available for Orxonox, since the game is still in an very early development stage. However, you can a copy of the source code and build it yourself. The latest stable version of it is accessible via SVN under If you have trouble using Subversion, please look at our SVN Howto?.

To take a look at the source code directly, visit this page.


To install Orxonox check out your OS specific installation guide!

Set up your OS (with overview on all supported platforms)[see]?
Set up Gentoo Linux[see]?
Set up Debian GNU/Linux[see]?
Set up Ubuntu[see]?
Set up Windows[see]?
Set up OSX[see]?

Misc Stuff

Some sample sounds from the game itself (sorry, the links don't work at the moment):

Orxonox Battle 1 - by Luke Grey[download]
Orxonox Battle 2 - by Luke Grey[download]
Orxonox Battle 2 rev 2 - by Luke Grey and Aquarius[download]
Orxonox Glory - by Luke Grey[download]
Funky Flight Through Space - by Thierry Zaugg[download]
Once upon a Time in a small Club - by Thierry Zaugg[download]

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