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General Information




Here you find all informations about how to write code for Orxonox. Read this? to get an overview of our current development state.


  • Follow the instructions at the download page


  • Modules? - Get an overview of our Framework
  • Documentation? - A documentation of all our libraries and classes
  • [doxygen:index.html API Reference] - An automatically generated reference of classes, functions, macros and other stuff
  • HowTo? - This page covers several topics and explains how to do things
  • FAQ? - Check out the FAQ to get answers on frequent questions


  • Styleguide? - Please read an follow the Styleguide to create readable and useful code
  • Standard C++ library - Have a look at the standard C++ library, strings and STL containers are very useful
  • Performance? - Learn how to write fast code


  • SVN? - Our revision control tool. You should know how to use it
  • CMake? - Our build tool (forget about makefiles)
  • Other Tools? - This is a list of other development tools, maybe you find them useful

Content Creation

This section is about model creation, design, sound and everything else a game needs beside the code.