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Particle Effects

See also: Ticket #222


[SandraWeber Sandra Weber]


  • Achieving a good system to save and load particle effects
  • Making some effects, which look good without too much effort for the engine
  • If possible implementing parameters for the effects

Using Ogre

Ogre is already assisting with its own Particle classes. It's supporting some easy way to add particle effects in saving them in .particle files. After loading them into a Particle System, they can be attached to a Scene Node like a mesh. For creating the .particle files I use the Addon Particle Editor.


  • jet of the ship's engine
  • explosion of a destroyed player
  • the shooting of the different weapons
  • fire or smoke on a damaged player


If it's possible to implement parameter, what, for example, it could be used for:

  • Turn down the engine: a lower output
  • Change the frequenz, the color or the range of a weapon