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Older Developments

Finished update

This week, I'll give a short presentation on my work, so I have a few more pictures than usual.

Once again, I'll first present an overview of the SS from approx. the same angle. Notice the eight spikes coming from the side. Some people claimed I ripped off Deep Space 9, but just because it's a good idea that they also had, doesn't mean I'll get rid of it, so there! Humph!

Now it's no longer just an S, it's got an X too.

Here you can see some of the Holding tanks attached to the lower part of the station.

In this view, you can also see the modifications I made to the arm itself, and the spike from another angle.

More pictures of the arm, sometimes it's a bit hard to see when rendered because of the light, but I don't feel like spending hours on perfecting the lighting of a model.

Here you see some of the station's defensive arament.

Update of 16.12.06

I just added some details this week, mainly the tower and some cannons. I jumped from around 400 faces to 1800… Details take a LOT!

Just an overview of the new SS.

From the top, you can see the changes to the tower better from here…

And the bottom. Of course I'll add more details, especially along the arms and the connectors. I'll also have to see how I can get rid of some faces. 1800 for this little change is way too much.

Update of 10.12.06

This is a general view of the SS so far. I'm not all too far yet, but it's taking shape ;) I updated the tower on this picture.

This is the space station from the top, and shows the S-shape well. I've had some people asking why it's that shape, and the answer can be found on the forum, but essentially, the answer is that it's not… It's galaxy shaped.

This is a pic of the tip of one of the wings. This is where ships dock that are too large to fit in a hangar. There are two such docking stations. Docking style is similar to how an airplane docks at an airport.

This groove at the side is where I'm going to put the main laser defence cannons along the perimeter. There are going to be some guns on the slanted sides, the top, the tower, etc, but this will be the main place. Maybe… Actually, I'm not so sure yet. Maybe I'll try both.

This is a pic of the top of the Tower, with the satellite dish.

And the tower from the other side… The black cross on top of the tower is the shadow, the lights are sort of weird…

Btw: I've got 376 faces right now. I got rid of a lot after Beni found some modeling mistakes. Thanks

Update of 25.11.06

The two pictures are first sketches of the station.

This is a sketch of the SS as seen from the side. The sides of the arms are slanted. On the bottom, there are several antennaes. Weapons Systems are mainly on the far outside of the arms.

This is a sketch of the SS as seen from the top. The arms are swung, sort of like a galaxy or a swirl. The central tower is where the command and main hotels are. The flat part on the sinside of the arms is where the docks are, the entrance is therefore towards the tower, and not away from the SS.

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