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Windows with MingW


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Download the MinGW package provided by sourceforge: Download
Install it to c:\mingw\


Download the MSYS Installer from sourceforge: Download
MSYS (Minimal SYStem) is a software port of the Unix-Shell to Windows. It's used by MinGW-Developers as a minimal system which can, for example, execute configure-scripts.

  1. Install MSYS into another path than MinGW
  2. During the installation process answer yes (y) twice
  3. Specify the exact path of MinGW directory, so MSYS can configure the important links (most probably this will be C:\mingw\).


Now you need to get subversion from
There is also a very useful GUI-version at (the command line version is good if you are experienced with the shell, otherwise download the GUI-version).

Get the source

Switch to the home-directory of your MSYS installation: C:\<msys-install-path>\home\<username>\
This is your homedirectory in MSYS, this is where the action takes place.

Check out the Orxonox-repository from into a folder named 'trunk', for example c:\<msys-homedir>\trunk\

Open the MSYS console and type:

svn co ! trunk

Additionally we need the media repository:

svn co ! media

(Or do it with TortoiseSVN, the GUI-version of SVN)


Download the Orxonox dependencies here: —to come—
Extract the archive into c:\<msys-homedir>\

Now you should have the following directories in your home:



Now we can build Orxonox. To do so, we need CMake. CMake is a cross-platform system for build automation. Download the latest binary release from here and install it (add CMake to the system PATH).

Open the MSYS console, change into your trunk folder and create a shortcut in the MSYS console:

cd trunk
echo "cmake . -G \"MSYS Makefiles\"" > cm

Building Orxonox

Type into the MSYS console:

  1. ./cm (the file we created just before)
  2. make

Now run Orxonox with the 'orxonox.bat' file in the 'bin' folder. If you used another directory hierarchy than in this tutorial, you'll have to adjust the paths in the .bat file.

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