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Windows with Visual Studio


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You need to get either Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Studio 2008. We do not support .NET 2003 because the compiler is missing an important extension (variadic macros). There has also been no testing with any Express Edition version.


You sure have DirectX 9 already installed..

Getting everything set and done

  1. Checkout the HEAD revision of the trunk or of any branch you like. Also checkout the media repository and put it on the same directory level as your source checkout. More information can be found in the SVN? section.

  2. The next thing is getting the external dependencies. We supply these as precompiled archives (take the newest ones) with the lib, dll, debug symbols and include files. Once you got the archive, put it in the directory of your source checkout folder and extract it right there (not in a new folder). This will create a folder named "dependencies" that includes everything necessary.

You should now have a directory structure like this:

media (repository checkout, you choose the name..)
trunk (repository checkout, you choose the name..)

  1. We use CMake to have better cross platform support. Get the latest (at least v2.6) binaries at and extract/install them.
  2. Run bin/cmake-gui.exe and select your source checkout folder ('trunk' in my example above). The binary folder below can be anywhere except the source folder itself. We suggest trunk/build.
  3. Hit "configure" twice (or as long as "generate" is unavailable) and then "generate". You will be prompted to select a generator. Choose the Visual Studio version you have (64 bit is not yet supported!).
  4. Go to your freshly created binary folder, open Orxonox.sln and hit F7. That will build orxonox.
  5. On the left you see all targets, make sure that 'Orxonox' is bold by right clicking on it and selecting "Set as StartUp Project".
  6. F5 will start the game.

If you have any trouble, feel free to contact me (Reto '1337' Grieder).