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ETH Tardis

Edited: 15. Sep. 2008 by Felix?

On the ETH Tardis computers, most of the required software is already installed. This makes the installation very simple.

Get the Source Code

First get a copy of the code by checking out the trunk via subversion. This will download the latest stable version to the directory trunk. If you have trouble using SVN, go here?.

$ svn co trunk

You will then be asked for the username and password, that you got from us.

Furthermore, you will need to check our data repository. This repository contains all the graphics, fonts and sounds and other third-party datafor Orxonox. To check it out use the command:

$ svn co media

Now make sure, you have set the correct path to your media directory in the file orxonox.ini.


Just cd to the trunk directory, then execute configure and make:

$ cd trunk
$ cmake .
$ make
$ ./run