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DuBall 158 Space Station

Authors: Rocco Bottani? & Massimo Maffioli?

We started with the idea of a single core and after some work we reached this result:

Those big things on the back hosts the hangars

But that big piece in front of the central core was something a bit too "invasive", so we removed it and we replaced it with a second core, a bit smaller. From the previous version version we added to the first core a little ring on the bottom, to not let it too "naked", and above the hangars there are the outdoor attracks, with a crane and the doors for goodses. The bridge, the antennas and the radar are now hosted on the second core. Those two little things are the reactors of the station (even while it's not supposed to move at high speed)
Core 1: Core 2:

This is the merged version:
Front: Back:

And finally the textured station:
Front: Back:

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