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Interplanetary Space Ship


Simon Wenner


Model an interplanetary space transporter. It is able to enter and leave the atmosphere and takes-off vertical. It's a millitary ship with light weapons.

Description: "Orca"

The Orca is a military transport ship. It is very well armored, but is not used at the front lines, because it is too big and too clumsy. It's clumsiness is compensated by its high speed and the good armor makes it the perfect ship for the transport of valuable or hazardous goods. Also the Orca is a hybrid atmosphere-space ship. Its widely movable thrusters are perfect to land where normal ships cannot get to. So the Orca can fly into areas where troops may be stationed and where it is difficult too send in back up. The Orca is mainly a transporter for equipment and arms, but there are Orcas with modifications so they can be used as troop transporters.


Deadline Description More Progress
Do, 26. April Sketches and ideas more
Do, 10. Mai Modeling with Blender more
Do, 31. Mai Create and add textures more

Sketches and Ideas

An ugly sketch. The engines can rotate, so the ship can hover and take-off / land vertical. Inspired by a ship from Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within I will model it more bulky than on the sketeches. No weapon slots planned so far.


Modeling the ship with Blender

A first modeling screenshot. I'm not happy with the proportions of the ship. It's too long and not elegant. It should definitely look more "sexy". Many details are still missing too.

Modeling finished. Todo: Smoothing and some triangle optimisations

modeling finished

Create and add textures


Copperhaed from FFTSW

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