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Creating a Robot


Marcel Flügel Ribeiro?

The Hard Beginning

First of all I have to tell you, that I've never modeled before. Without that Skills and it was very difficult to choose a robot type that looks cool and is also possible to build for me. Another problem was the thought about the future animation and implementation of the Mesh, which made a "legged" Mech impossible. So I decided to build a flying one! Annoying, you may think, but let's give him a chance.

Here we go

At the beginning, there was light, and some thousand year later I made some scatches of my robot!

The fact, that the robot is not symmetric, made me begin on playing with Blender. Hours later I found the right Sphere, perfectly subsurfed etc. I found the right Mesh start modeling!

First form with extruded circles

Stretch Me, Cut Me . . .

It's a lot of work to come to this what I wanted first, so I changed my first idea a little bit.

And when the work is done . . .

Believe me, it's not over yet, but my model looks damn good, I hope.

What I have to do now is:

  1. Make those ventilator nicer!
  2. What about some more details (I have 700 faces left!!!)
  3. Look for a party tonight!
  4. Oh my God! I have to put some textures on my robot!

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