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Basic project description

So far we have only spare ideas… Some kind of wood-metal texture will be created to fit the main station outlook of old-school pirate style.

Behind that the spaceship will be big enoguh to give home to all the pirates and their warships, it will have a moving front to glom other ships and some kind of big superpowerfull engines to get out from troubles…

The project contains both pirates war spaceships and a bigmama Main Space Ship (where to collect gold and stuff…don't forget we're talking of pirates…)

29th November 2006 - (Please see corresponding date for pictures)

The first skeleton is now done. You can see where the engines will be attached, the big mouth in the front and the approximative dimensions of the Main Pirate Ship.

06th December 2006 - (Please see corresponding date for pictures)

There is already some more detailed spaceship, front and back hangar are allright.

Next: !!Engines!!

12th December 2006 - (Please see corresponding date for pictures)

All right, things are going on hehehe! Now the engines are pretty much done. Now I only need to care about some more details, so:

Please please please

send me any idea for any detail that comes in your mind (such as antennas, doors, texture ideas, and so on!), so that I can add more and more and more stuff to the ship and make it look really great!

Thank you!!! —>> andreamo@… <←-

13th December 2006 - (Please see corresponding date for pictures)

Hey! Guess what!?!?

The Main Space Pirates Ship Is Done!!!! I named it RAGNAR, after its spider/bug/aggressive look.

Up next: !!!textures!!!

feel free to send me any idea for a great texture!

20th December 2006 - (Please see corresponding date for pictures)

Ok, there was a little error in the blender file, so it appeared a third wing….{;-P

08th January 2007 - (Please see corresponding date for pictures)

Hey there!!!!

Going on with textures, and you can already see some part of my ship as they should look out!

ps: please notice the wooden bottom of the hangar entrance (very "rolls royce-yacht"-style!!!)

17th January 2007


Final textures are done, with dirt, smoke, scrub, …

Final model (that actually was already finished a couple of weeks ago) is done and textures are applied!!!

See ya on the game, Ragnar!!!!



What? When? Achieved? Who?
First make-up First Week of November OK by &YX
First basic skeleton End November OK by &YX
Main Ship-Skeleton First Week December OK by &YX
Main Engine-Skeleton First Week December OK by &YX
More details Second Week December OK by &YX
Last Detailest Model - Texture Basics 1 Christmas OK by &YX
Texture - basics 2 Just After Xmas OK by &YX
Texture finals - apply to Model First Weeks of January OK by &YX
Texture and Finish Everything!!! Till the PPS-End OK by &YX

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