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Pirate Carrier

Author: Felix Schulthess?

This is the pirate carrier, a mobile base for the smaller interceptor ships. If can carry up to five interceptors, that are also its main weapon. In case of a threat or attack, the interceptors start from the two guide rails on the Carrier deck. Apart from that, it has the two double-barreled, rotatable flak cannons at the stern. The most important defense mechanism are the shield generators (visible at the corner of the two bridges over the hull). The ship only takes damage, if the generators are destroyed or if there is not enough energy left to keep the shield up. The crew of the Pirate Carrier consists of 15-20 men. Because of this relatively small crew, the Carrier has to return regularly to a space port for bigger maintenance tasks and the occasional repair.

the untextured model:

No image "carrier1_small.jpg" attached to content/models/PirateCarrier No image "carrier2_small.jpg" attached to content/models/PirateCarrier

~1100 faces

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