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United Earth Alliance (UEA)

The United Earth Alliance, short UEA, is one of the three fractions in the orxonox SpaceShooter Game. (2008/11/12)
The other fractions are the Pirates? and the Noxon?.

The UEA is an enterprise of all peoples of the world. The alliance is mainly a peaceful trading alliance, but because of the dangers in outer space, the ships are often heavily armed or escorted by different sorts of fighters. The UEA also has few drones, sent especially as advance guards before trading ships.

Table Of Content


Logo created by Axel Bomhauer-Beins?, HS08 —- Download Logo (jpg)


After the second space race in 2100 and a brief war - basically the UCA vs the rest of the world, and the others won - some sensible men (or women) came up with the idea to create one single Organisation which is dedicated to defend earth against all enemies, and the UEA was created.

Originally the UEA was composed of the four spacefaring nations of earth - UCA, EU, CAU and the AU. Each nation sent a one Commander, of which one Supreme Commander of the UEA get elected for a certain period - sound awfully like the federal counsel, does it? - , then they reelect, or if no decision could be made, they rotate.

Venus' independence and the Mars riots

Although Mars got colonialised first, it never became a sovereign nation. Venus - after being terra-formed - grew fast to a flourishing economy, and having only one government - thus not to share the resources of planet with three others - gave Venus the advantage of quickly being recognised as a sovereign colony, with all it rights and privileges - such as a seat at the Commanders Counsel. Mars wanting the same privileges than its younger sister Venus, demanded that they recognize Mars also as an independent colony. Having lost already enough resources by the independence of Venus, the UEA decided that the best course of action was the keep Mars under Earth control. It came as it must… It took 10 years of guerrilla war, and a lot of on both sides, but Mars was finally recognized as a sovereign colony.

The Hexagon

As new command center - and place for the Commanders to meet - the Hexagon was created. Refitting some War-cruisers - think Battlestar - and connecting them at the bow thus creating the largest yet build station in the Solar system. some additional meddling had to be done - mostly defensive upgrades - and the shape turned more and more into a six-sided something which gave it its nickname - the Hexagon. though deeply embedded into this structure, this ships can be disconnected if need - but so far this had no been the case.
From the orxonox-Forum, written by nicolasc, 01 Nov 2006
Read the original article here

Some more ideas about the Human Race might be read here. (Archived wiki page). If there are any contradictions between the ships described in the archive article and this one you're reading, the one you are reading right now is the binding one.

The Ships


The ships of the UEA are mainly in the form we can as present human beings imagine as "normal". The ships are made out of different sorts of metal, some we know today and others we don't know (yet).
The alliance is proud of herself, so on every ship and every drone, the logo of the alliance is used at least once.
All ships have an identity number. The System is UEA-%###-##, whereas # represents an one-character-number and % represents the identification letter of the ship classes. Older Fighters might have different identification numbers like the UEAFIghter001 (ID: FA-07)
The ship classes are the following ones (each one explained a bit further down):

  • Fighter (ID-Char.: F)
  • Light Destroyers (ID-Char.: L)
  • Heavy Destroyers (ID-Char.: H)
  • Transporter (ID-Char.: T)
  • Drones (ID-Char.: D)


Fighters are made of a special gray metal, a bit looking like asphalt. It's also an advantage that the dark gray isn't very good visible in dark outer space. The Fighters are marked with (one or more) red lines. Every Fighter wears the UEA-Fleet-Command Logo at least once.

Light Destroyers

Heavy Destroyers


The transport ships of the alliance often show how rich the alliance is. Often small guide vanes are made of pure gold, the most valuable metal on earth.
Areas that may become hot (especially engines or fuel hoses) are made of a very special material, the same very resistant material the fighters are made of. It's a grey material, the structure a bit looking like asphalt.
The main part of the transporters is made out of a cheap, common steal which glazes in a pale blue. The structure is nearly invisible, so fine are those lines.
Every Transporter wears on every side the UEA-Logo and the lettering "UEA Trade". At the bow of the ship there are position lights, red at the left and green at the right side (looking into the direction the ship will fly). On the tail gate every ship wears the logo in the largest size possible.
Be aware that the UEA is highly interested in being correct and attaches everywhere, where it could become dangerous, warning sign or warning advises.
The used connecting technologies are welding, staking and screwing.

The Prototype for design is the Transporter UEA-T036-03 (UEATransporter036, see Enhance Older Models?)


For examples of design (esp. texturing) and further information about the UEA-Fleet please check out following wiki-Pages

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