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The structure of the Story is pretty loose at the moment. Things written on this page will be put onto different pages and into designated chapters once they're thought out properly and reach a riper state.

Tutorial-Level (Arrival)

The story starts around Jupiter. The player (insert player name here) arrives in the Jupiter space with his pilot steering the ship during the interplanetary travel from Earth to Jupiter. The purpose of the travel is business. The player is working for a small engineering company which built a special particle beam to improve gas mining. This would be the first test of the new technology under realistic circumstances and in the environment the final product will be used in. The customer is RedGas one of the big gas mining companies.

Upon arrival the auto-pilot which assists during interplanetary flights is switched into a less restrictive state and the pilot navigates into a stable orbit around Jupiter. While the pilot checks the systems, the player is advised to test if the navigation works properly. This is where the tutorial kicks in and the player will learn how to steer the ship.

The pilot would then give green light with the navigation system and advises you to fly to the meeting point with the transporter that carries the particle beam generator. For security reasons the technology was brought to Jupiter using two separate ships. The player's ship is much smaller, but carries small and crucial parts of the particle beam. The two ships meet up in Jupiter's orbit before they meet the customer.

During the flight to the meeting point the player receives a distress call from the transporter. The pilot enables the weapon systems and the player helps the transporter to get rid of a couple of pirates who wanted to check the transporter for valuables. The pirates either get destroyed or flee, while one of the pirates may drop a pick up, which will help the player to learn about the pick-up system.

The transporter and the player will then join up in a formation (advanced flight training) and fly to a space station of the RedGas corporation and dock.

This will end the first tutorial level.


The player meets up with his contact at RGC and they receive some information about what is going on in the system. Especially the rivalry between GEP and RGC is an important topic. The ever present nuisance of pirates is mentioned as well as their ability to infiltrate space stations of the RGC and the GEP. After a drink and some bureaucracy the player will go back to the ship with his RGC contact and the pilots.

Main Mission (Surfing Jupiter)

The journey will lead the player's space ship and the transporter to one of the new gas miners above Jupiter's atmosphere. There is also some security in form of additional fighters accompanying the player. The player will learn more about how to use orbits of different heights above the planet's surface. Once arriving on the lowest orbit the miner comes into sight and the player ones again learns how to dock.

Story Outline - Jupiter (Chapter 1)

During the test that first looks very promising, a major attacks by pirates occurs and the crew of the gas miner is forced to abandon ship. The protagonist survives this attack as well and can save himself/herself, but the gas miner with the emitter seems to have fallen into the pirates' hands.

The incident raises a lot of question from GEP and the protagonist's company. Because of this the protagonist gets fired and has to find a new job as freelancer. GEP starts to investigate the matter on its own and starts to increase its spying efforts on RedGas Corporation (RGC) their rival and main suspect for the attack.

The initial mutual spying and sabotage attempts increase the already high tensions between the two major gas mining companies. This results in a full blown war in the Jupiter system, while the other two systems (Earth and Mars) are in need for new fuel supplies.

The situation gets even more complicated when GEP is starting to find evidence that the protagonist may be involved in the initial attack on the gas miner during the testing of the new emitter. Even though the protagonist doesn't really have a motive for the crime, he is forced to flee the system and find refuge in the Mars system.

All the while there is a second story line developing rather independently in the Jupiter system. There is a big ship with scientists that are about to start an expedition to Saturn to analyze a weird anomaly. While the expedition requires a lot of preparation and supplies they also encounter Noxonian spaceships arriving from Saturn. The scientists analyze the Noxons, which are fearlessly attacking the Jupiter system. The Noxons are few though and never endanger the system significantly. They are rather a nuisance in the daily life of a pilot in the Jupiter system. The scientists can trace back the source of the Noxons to Venus. However they seem to come from the anomaly. Shortly before the protagonist has to flee from the Jupiter system, the scientists are ready to start the expedition to Saturn. They are protected by others who flee from the full blown war that is going on between RGC and GEP.


Ideas have been collected and whole essays have been written. Still, we must check in how far these can be realized in the game as it is now. Older story-related pages are: