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RedGas Corporation

TracNav(TracNav/TOC_Development)? RGC is the second large company mining hydrogen on Jupiter and the biggest rival for GEP. Its name comes from the red surface of Jupiter. The headquaters is on Callisto another moon of Jupiter. This company mainly supplies the fleet of military and law enforcement firms with fuel. To satisfy these demanding clients, RGC has lots of smaller tanker ships orbiting around Jupiter and other planets nearby. Client space ships can dock on to the tankers to fill up their tanks. Empty tanker ships go back to Jupiter to refill their hydrogen tanks.


RedGas Corporation was founded a new company which specialized at refining hydrogen found in space. Before other energy companies merged together to buy large pieces of Ganymede and thus becoming the GEP, RGC was the pioneer to mine gas from Jupiter. While the newly founded company had a lot of trouble with new technology and was hit by the big depression in the AC in the late 21st century, the GEP gained a lot of market share.

RGC was founded by a Japanese engineer and has thus a Japanese name: 赤気体株式会社 (or 赤気体 K.K.). Of course internationally the company is known as RedGas Corporation. The name alludes to the red gas which is the easiest to refine and contains the most valuable byproducts.




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Content Needed

We need content like ships for this company. Also some mission proposals and story proposals surrounding this company would be helpful.

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